happy vday!

happy vday!

whoaaaaa. i have been really busy lately trying to meet up with all those leaving for studies overseas and i cant meet all of them. the one that i must meet no matter what is my wife, ping ping. ping ping’s the love of my life and we kept hugging before saying our goodbyes. i am so gonna miss her. okie, so i very seldom hang out with her but im regretting the good ol’ tuition days when i could meet her like almost everyday and i never appreciate it. now that she’s flying off to perth, even if i wanna meet her, i’ll have to wait for a year to do so. im so gonna miss you, lou poh. it has been 5 years, 8 months and 12 days since i first got to know her. it took us so much trouble just to meet for such a short while. of course it’s not enough but oh well, let’s hope i get to go to perth next year to further my studies! dont we look sweet in the first pix? *muacks lou poh*
and if ur wondering if im straight, i am. what’s wrong with showing affection to someone ur own gender? hiaks. omg. ive been porking out non stop lately. you know, just today, i was at kenny rogers for lunch, then i went secret recipe to accompany wc for lunch and off to sfc for my multiple orgasmic extreme mocha! my friends are feeding me way too much. im supposed to be losing weight for my cousin’s wedding next week but oh well, ive ballooned instead. darn! `o( watched gothika yesterday and it wasnt as exciting as i was told. i hope the last samurai will be much better. hooray! i’ll be meeting i-wern tomorrow. after so long, i wonder if i’ll recognise him. hopefully gumpkins adorable could make it too.
oh oh oh been bumping into alot of ppl lately. and i saw wai leong today! omg. hehe. the last time i saw him was after form 5ive. grrrrr… he looks much better and he couldnt recognise me at first until i kept giving him stares and he finally responded. haha. aijor. too tired. im off to bed. happy valentines, everyone. nice meeting you yi ven *ahem*, shane, kai lyn (?) and others whom i cant remember the name. thousand apologies. enjoy the pix i took today with ivy, khoi voon, ping and wern ching. med’s kicking in. happpppppy v’day!
currently : regretting rejecting her date with honeykins (dont ask why)

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  1. why lar u regretting dei? dun regret nman..go for it..since ur chance for him came again..NEVER tiau keh …good luck ok…and where u guys going? and when? fill me in la dei …

  2. hmmmm i rejected his date .. twice in a day. and 29832923823923838 times so far. hehehee. and what’s “tiau keh”? haha. oh wait, dan just told me. jual mahal? max, u know lah how my luck is when it comes to relationship. so yea. ny resolution, be single for year 2004! where we going? i’ll tell u in icq. 🙂 muacks.

  3. ….. dont care lah. with or without a bf, my life’s still suckky thanks to SOME KINDA FRIENDS i have. $@#*@#&@#@#&@&#$&#*@##$&@#&@#*@#*#$&@!#&@#&@#&#@&@##2

  4. happy v-day! xD no problem with showing affection to the same gender if you’re straight, as long as making out with them is ruled out. 🙂 haha…

  5. arr… actually i was referring to u tickle… yes u… 😉 although the other girl with blue is sweet too… anyway, i only said sweet wat… ^_^

  6. jual mahal?
    ok, ok. erm. “mahal”, not “cheap” ya…
    *i’m crappin* *looks downcast*

  7. yes tiau keh means jual mahal ..sorry for late reply…havent been online..hehehe..happy belated vday my dear beckz

  8. yes tiau keh means jual mahal ..sorry for late reply…havent been online..hehehe..happy belated vday my dear beckz