group date this v’day

group date this v’day

hur. dont you think dan and berd look like an adorable gay couple? check out the first and second pix. they look so lovely together. *batters her eyelashes* this was taken after we went out for some bitching sessions at stevens. fish was there for a short while though.
hmmm… i’ll be at home playing scrabbles on a sat night. dan did asked us to go to barmed though. think he’s going to “i’m special” too. not feeling really well. kinda lost my voice because we were laughing the whole way from steven’s to my place. nothing much. they came over to check out the so called “gothic” chiq my bro brought back to our home. well, she was dressed in my bro’s clothes so i had no idea how gothic she is but she sure didnt look as scary as i was told. terence and the two lovebirds did nothing after that so we decided to watch survivor all-stars which my sis had recorded for me.
my two darlings, joy and ping ping are leaving on v’day to aussieland. sniffles. worst vday gift ever `o( speaking of v’day, i think the group date’s happening. i didnt expect the response to be so erm, well. i was just saying it and now ive got ppl who told me to make it happen. would be nice since i know all of them. it wouldnt be called a net gathering would it cos i dont really fancy such. haha. one thing’s for sure, i dont wanna be at home on vdays and get laughed at by my mom. she’s a meanie. `o( haha. so yea, let’s make the group date happen. oh btw, about the gothic chiq, i drove her and my bro to sunway. read it right. i drove em but with a few erm mistakes. im still not driving smoothly. oh well, practise makes perfect doesnt it? hooray. that’s it. group date’s my current concern. take care. picking mom from shah alam now.

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  1. haha okies, kevin, guess what? i dreamt of you. i dont know why!!!! omg. haha. and i met erm another blogger. a female. i cant remember who it was. omg. spooooky. 😛

  2. few mistakes? Driving on the wrong lane? Engine mati ? Going the wrong direction? hehehe

  3. actually, on that day itself, i almost killed myself and my passengers five times. head on almost 3 times, another one almost bang curd, the other one reverse too much. actually not reverse lah but the car was going down because i was at the slop. `o)
    u should’ve seen how my mom sweared, cursed and scolded me. power sial. joy ride. ride of her life 😛

  4. U guys better NOT sit in the car she drives…if “die die” also wanna sit…
    1.sit behind
    2.put extra seat belts
    3.close your eyes and ears
    4.PRAY HARD !

  5. “1.sit behind
    2.put extra seat belts
    3.close your eyes and ears
    4.PRAY HARD ”
    totally wrong it should be
    1.Dont get into the car
    2.If im in the car read No. 1

  6. i think both of them look sweet! they’re just perfect! you lok cutee too!
    heyy becky how’s life? i had been busy nowadays so forgive me if i dont drop a comment often alrights? missya!

  7. eh oni u know berd n dan damn ngam ar?since long ago d la..but i think berd is the more shy type n dan the dominant type..they look good together esp when berd look so shy..

  8. omg i cannot stop laughing when i read the comments. DAMN YOU BERD AND LIONEL! haha. but yea, it’s true. do not get into the car. i almost killed ppl. `o(
    mandy, it’s okie. i totally understand. hugs. haha. ive been busy too. and YES! they look so perfect together! 😛
    berd, dont tipu lah. u know u want him. 🙂
    ndru, i know since day one lah but they dont wanna admit. now outsiders also agree edi. hahahahahahahaha. my mom saw the pix, she was like, “are they erm, a couple?”. not bad ah, guy and guy so “intimate”.

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