club tujuh

club tujuh

pix were taken at club 7 yesterday. my pool skills didn’t improved maybe because i was busy giggling all the time and i kept getting fouls. :’6. god, save me. i’m never going near terence, garick, ian, berd or i-wern, ever again when it comes to pool. seriously, i could’ve just dug a hole in the ground and hide my head there. so embarassing lah my shots. =”(
im looking for things to say right now but i just dont know how to get it out. maybe because it involves so many people that i care for that i rather just keep mum about it. it’s so hard when you face these kinda problems but yet not know whom to go to because everybody knows everyone. sighs. this is one of the worst dilemma im going through since form four. bahs, i keep typing but backspacing it because i dont know if it’s appropriate for me to say it. im so confused and lost and angry and frustrated. i wished i could just cry my heart out but it is of no use because crying wont solve a single matter. life has been miserable for the past few days and i dont know which path to choose. i really hope once my trip back from penang (i’m going there for my cousin’s wedding tomorrow morning), everything will be much better. i hope and i pray. how i wish ive just settled for the one who loves me and not going back to the one i love (taken from glenn frey’s song, written in my own words).
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eve made me this button. her “virgin” button. her very first design on photoshop. i love you eve mama. thanks for everything. *muacks* okie, im going back to hide in my nutshell. adios.
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it’s funny how i got to know this guy, joe ooi. the way we met was really hilarious and odd. hehe. first, we got to know each other through dennis’s forever banana and i labelled him the 7th joe i know. then one early morning, about 2-3am ish, i got an sms, “hi, this is joe the 7th and ya da ya da”. i was kinda shocked and i realised he got my number through icq. silly me. joe the 7th makes an amazing chat mate and he’s my mp3 supplier. anyway, he dreamt of me speaking cantonese with him and mind you, i cant speak cantonese for fucks. and before that, max dreamt of me and a few others speaking and max’s mom was there. anyways, back to joe the 7th, i just got another sms. he just dreamt of me as michelle branch singing at one of her mtvs. haha. that’s so cute! i wish his dreams were true. hiaks. oh well, i just felt the need to let ppl know about his existance. he reads this blog anyway. haha. t.cares peeps. nice meeting you, joe the 7th (the nick’s gonna stay for a long while).

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14 Responses

  1. Ahh… to be young again…
    “Hey, anyone wants to help me publish a paper on neural networks? I bet its gonna be more fun than pool. Guys? Hey, where are you guys going? … don’t go… hey…”
    *watch people running away*

  2. eheh beckz..that dream
    was us in a coffee shop, shu yin and her bf was there that i know
    and my mum…

  3. hahahahahahahaha oh yea. shu yin. i was trying to recall who was there. and we were like wondering why ur mom’s there also right? haha 😛

  4. I suck at pool ! : ((( But good enough that I don’t fly the balls out of the table. =P
    Club tujuh..i’ve passed by that place so many times, but never been IN there.
    Ian don’t know how to teach me pool… 😛

  5. nicole hahahaha ian got tired of teaching me that he just let me do whatever i want. i suck so badly 🙁
    jinny, me too and he hates it. haha. 😛
    ndru, super super small world! haha.

  6. oh man.. i think my pool skills would have been 10x worse than you.. haha. i totally suck at it. haaha.. pics pics pics!!! i’m too lazy to put dem up. heez..

  7. hahahaha please!!! my pool skills arent skills at all!!!!! 😛
    and er yea, i like posting pix 🙁 easier than trying to describe things. after all, pix speaks a thousand words mah right? hehe. btw, how have u been doing?! 😛

  8. Eh! That person who posted as ian wasn’t me! LOL! Aiya.. Nic! The last time I taught you ma.. or err.. haha.. I don’t know la! Both of you twins! 😛 Lately, I play different liao leh nic.. he he he he he!!! Wanna play sometime? 😉 I will teach you.. promise!

  9. eh excoos me sir, that’s what u promised me also but then u not only tak ajar me but u laugh and laugh and bergolek all over. so mean =(