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buzz buzz

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just WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS?! hahahaha. is it some auto machine who simply blogs with the name of people who used to sign my gbook (at least, that’s what i suspect) by using my name? OMG. muahaha. idiot! someone please explain to me!

there u go. the pix are finally up. stop bugging me already. haha. i’ve even put most of the pix up at my whole weekend was superbly busy. friday it was out with the pfs-ians and we played pool, daytona (jesus, dont ask me why) and then we did some lion dance chasing. after that it was off to arrios (because elsewhere were kinda pack or we couldnt find seats we wanted). nice meeting you, kok ming and kelly. `o) for a more detailed “report”, i think yeeng’s gonna blog about it later.
after that gathering, i went to yeeng’s house to lepak while waiting for the rest to come since she was hosting a gambling party. left for a mamak session with my dad then went back to yeeng’s house before heading to the bus station to pick up my relatives from singapore. a big shoutout to evangeline. `o) hope you had a sweet dream last night and the nights after because of you-know-what. as always, ive been porking out like nobody’s business. it’s a wonder that im yet to explode. brought my relatives for mamak, lotsa hawker food since they were craving for it and also for the famous ipoh chicken rice at pj. that costed a bomb. rm90 for 8 people just for chicken rice. shouldnt the price be much lower since there’s the bird flu scare going around now?
just got back from malacca today. was supposed to meet up with dan, shu yin and berd today but we cancelled plans last minute. too bad couldn’t meet up with fon fon. rumours has it that he was busy getting laid by kl chiqs. oh well, at least he had a great time in kl. im off now. the rest will be told by yeeng later. maybe tomorrow, maybe later in the week. all depends on her. `o) im off. niteys.
currently listening to : my honeykin’s voice on the phone. hehe. 8″)

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  1. beckz, totally scary la that site. the person wrote stuff about ian,dion and shu-yin only..noone else.. damn weird

  2. wah hon faai, sorry ler. i only invited those who knew brandon. i dont think so u know him mah that’s why never invite u. somore so long never talk to u liao i scared u also will feel like abit lost mah. sorry lor. next time anything i’ll call u k? muacks muacks.

  3. Nice pictures but very the small la g.dottie! 😛 And OMG..what the HELL IS that?????? There is even posts about you and dion going for dinner? HAHA.. WTFFF?

  4. hahahahahahahahahaa… the bigger pix are in my gallery mah. muacks my g.mama. and yeaaa man. me and dion having dinner in US?!!! WTF?! hahaha. 😛

  5. omg wad the hell is that site wif ur name doing dere?weird o.0 spoof ah?woooooooooo more pics to drool on nyummies *beams* X) can i hv the cute lil dog pretty pls?>_<

  6. haha u alwaz have lotsa pretty pics to kip us drooling =P~~~ hw i wish i had ur beauty *envious* X)

  7. HAHAAHAHAHAHAHA that’s SO NOT TRUE!!!! omg. i think my karin nyummies needs super thick glasses with super powerful lenses. haha. 🙂 you’ll make ppl laugh non stop if they hear that. lol.
    the dog isnt mine though. it’s my friends but since he’s going to UK, i might dognap it from him. hahahaha.
    and yea. the site’s scary but ive come up with a conclusion that it’s some experimental robotic site or something. weird thing though, it knows the full name of my friends. `o(

  8. aww, the pictures are cute!!! especially of the various poses of the giant stuffed doggy ;D what IS that weird URL with your name and stuff? huh… :/ someone’s been busy AND stalker-ish… I love chicken rice! I didn’t even know there’s another chicken flu scare going around over there! wow… scary :X

  9. amy, hahaha, i have no ideaaaa!!! i think that’s site is just something experimental. not some stalker or something. and yes, there’s a big hoo-haa over the chicken flu thingy here.
    hf, haha will try to do so 😛
    gena, i dont believe it’s human. hehehe.

  10. goodness what the hell was that! hmm u never know it might be some bitch spoofing your life on a spoof blog. hahaha BEWARE. be so aware. better lock your doors well. hehee =P

  11. iviane, it’s from watson right? i so wanna get it! *HINTS for the guys* hahahahahahaha
    sherie, i knowwww. frigging spoooky! but nothing bad has really happened yet so it should be alright. `o)