*yaaaaawwwwwnnnnn* I’m soooo sooooo soooooo ( need I say more?) sleepy! But due to my undying love for Becky, I am blogging cause she asked me to. Or else she would not be able to come online for the nxt couple of days or week as she’s going to Malacca for CNY ( yeah right, that’s just an excuse..knowing Becky she’ll just be online in some cyber cafe somewhere cause she just can’t live without the internet..hahaha) 🙂 *hugs* Man, I miss Malacca! It’s a good place..haha I regret moving to Cyberjaya. Sigh oh well!
Anyways, I’m back in Penang, again! And there was this really cute Caucasian guy who was waiting for the bus too and he looked really really lost. At that moment, I was praying so hard that he was going to Penang too and woohoo! he actually did get up the same bus as me. And even better, he sat RIGHT in front of me. Wahaha.. although I could only see his head, but oh well..his head looked good too! Short Spiky hair…*yuuuummm* I immediately SMS-ed Becky and my room mate, Lai Shing. I actually had no idea why I msged them but I just did; cause he was freaking hot! He looks mix chinese too I think.. 😛 Then halfway thru the journey, he actually moved to the double seats next to mine cause the bus was practically EMPTY! There were 6 passengers anyway. And when he moved next to me, he gave this really really cute grin! Wahaha.. damn! I was in cloud 9. But anyway, nothing happened after that unfortunately. Baah..whatever! 🙂
Its good to be back at home as usual, had good mum’s food for dinner.*nyumms*. I’ll be having about 2 weeks + holidays back in Penang so I’m really looking forward to having a good time and to just kick back and relax. I’ve got plans already for tomorrow , woohoo.. going for lunch with Rachel-Anne and Banyen in Gurney Plaza. Can’t wait to meet up with them.
I’ve got a busy weekend ahead of me this week.My best friend, Christine’s sister is getting married this Saturday so my whole Saturday I’ll be busy.
Anyway, as usual I have nothing much to say(damn I suck in blogging!). In case I don’t blog in a couple of days time, i just wanna wish you guys a very HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!!! to all of you celebrating it! and to non-chinese readers, have a great holiday.
And oh yeah, Becky also would like to wish you guys HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!!!. She’ll be going back to Malacca tomorrow so she may not be able to blog and wish you guys then. so yeah, she sends her love to all of you !
Take care people, don’t get too drunk during CNY! Lots of love.

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  1. HOIKS DAMN U DAMN U! DAMN U DAMN U! why are u and my gf yeeng always framing me. WHAT IF I DO NOT COME ONLINE WHEN I’M BACK IN MALACCA? hehe… actually i would lah cos i will be hanging out with jim and all but what if i was too busy to do so?! DAMN U! hahahahahahahahahhaa. DAMN U MAXINE DAMN U DAMN U! oh yea, tell rachel and banyen i send my love.
    oh yea. ur mr. caucasian is same like my hong kong borned melbourne raised stalker in the bus. I CANT BELIEVE we both didnt get the guys because WE WERE TOO FCKING SNOBBISH. trust me, i knew he was trying to hit on me but I CANNOT BELIEVE i totally brushed him off when im dying for him to approach me inside. IM SUCH A BIATCH but im happppy nothing happened if not, no mr. yap. hahahahahahhahaa. shit my perasan’s mode on maximum. OMG OMG OMG. IM SO EXCITED. aaairgggggghhh im missing my pc already. 🙁 berNARD, u better make sure ur going to malacca as well. i so dont wanna be sent there 🙁

    we love framing you cause you framable..hahaha..wtf?

  3. admit it, im simply adorable … and way too nice. give u all too much face. always step on my head. sighs. but what to do, all the sake for love, im willing to be done upon. hehehehe. eh max, does that mean im a good BREED? since my grandparents are ang mohs and all.

  4. max, yea. GOD DAMN GOOD LOOKING but only after me. muehehehee. kidddding lah. 😛
    hungry? me too. i wanna go makan lah but cannot go out edi. 🙁 berd and dan, u all have fun in stevens okie?

  5. hahahaaha i had to ask ppl what that meant. shi nian kuai le to u too. hehehee. genting highlands? hahahahaa. what will u be doing there? gambling? lol. take caress!!!!!
    p/s : ur dad used to be from malacca?

  6. maxine POSTED an entry?
    erm.. anyway HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!
    and that means to everybody la… not to max oni yeeeshh

  7. i’ll assume it’s for me also lah. thank u thank u. hehe. gong xi gong xi to u too celeste. i’ll be collecting my ang pow from u at ur new place. hehehe. 🙂

  8. alamak!! wasted lol. shld have said like hi my name is maxine and my vital status is ??? and my hobbies are bla blah wad’s urs? the next moment u see him hot on his heels running off hahaha.. ok i am crapping.

  9. ooooh fck u pat!!!!!! thats such a sensitive issue to me ok!!! god damn it…fck..
    cel, yes cousin i did blog…:P
    and q[o_o]p , i dont have guts to do that kinda stuff…

  10. *ahhhhhhhhhh* pat..:) hahahahha …
    cel, dont yahnadeh me..u’re my cousin so u’re supposedly indian too! hahaha

  11. haha no cuz this was wad i told my other frn wen she had a crush on a guy.. and she gave me this DUHHHH look which makes me laff hahah

  12. yeah pat.. me eurasian
    but bulan PUASA …. yeee habisla must go hide under some angsana tree and eat my goreng pisang LOL
    either that or go jump into a pandan bush

  13. max dear, it simply means ppl mistook cel as a malay lah lol.
    max indian woo. let’s make things easy. max and cel are eurasian indian. how’s that? im so nice! 🙂 and clever 🙂 and adorable 🙂 and witty 🙂 and ……… SWEET 🙂

  14. ehhhh bloody ..please lah okiee.. you guys already know its a freaking sensitive issue .. i dont have INDIAN blood in me okie…geez…cut the bloody issue already