hur. i dont know why my gf (yeeng) loves framing me. sniffles. i guess im just too bully-able. haha. oh, ive just realised something. how to differentiate our entries ; max’s, yeeng’s and mine. max’s usually is short and simple, comes in few paragraphs, yeeng’s comes in one whole chunk and mine comes in a super long and wordy manner. hehe. oo, and karin nyummies calls me the linking queen or something because i love linking things. well, not that much anymore actually. haha. `o)
as you’ve noticed, the tagboard’s up. it’s a free one from tagboard.ca, the one i used in my old site before i used a cgi one. im not gonna stick to this though. am gonna try to look for better scripts, php or cgi that doesnt lag my site. any suggestions? im so nice. put up a taggy all for fr0stie and shoot blank’s sake. am also looking for a good guestbook script. if you’ve notice, my site’s pretty “naked” (bare). hehe.
anyway, i wasnt up to suicidal about my results. my gf exaggerated. i was rather disappointed. 2As/4 subs isnt enough if you are looking for scholarship. my dad did casually tell me that he might be sending me to overseas if i really work hard. this is so damn good news but then again, my bro just started his classes in another art college and it’s known that art colleges are pricey, esp mine. if im not mistaken, the degree’s rm30,000 per year and we have to pay the whole lum sum on january next year. abit the too much right? ish. as for my results, there’s good news though. im not so broke anymore. got some cash from my dad for my results. hehe. shopping and dim sum, anyone? speaking of dim sum, i was having a really crappy conversation with bernard earlier this morning (2am-ish). it was so crappy that i couldnt stop laughing in the middle of the night. he nows has a new name, bernard loke se-xy (bernard look sexy). haha. give him a big round of applause please, everyone! *claps claps*
and oh, hehe, have i mentioned? i was teaching yeeng basic htmls the other day so i decided to trick her. hehe. she actually fell for it okie? and how berd wished it was for real, hor? 8″)

hiaks. been doing lotsa food shopping and cooking lately. i dont know what’s with my sudden love for cooking. hehe. `o) maybe it’s because of a pressure from someone? *smiles* am gonna cook devil’s curry tomorrow. any tester out there? hehe. oh yea one more thing, the three of us, max, yeeng and i are now officially available. any prince charming for us out there? hiaks. `o) call us for audition yea? and also, good luck to mmu students for their exams next week. hehe. im off now. take cares! 😛

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26 Responses

  1. cis….gf ku yang jahat…saya mana ada frame u..i was just helping u..memang tak mengenang budi..and excuseee meee…i didnt fall for tat basic html thingy ok!

  2. hahahahahahaha. alah wasted, i took it offff liao. the html codes cos it cannot appear. i must change to .jpg then only post up. hehehehe. 😛
    gfku, alah mana ada? kamu frame ada lah. muahahahahahaa….
    shoot blanks, hehehe. hush hush. `o)

  3. luckily ur html code doensnt work on or else i dunno wats gonna happen to myself.
    p/s..im oso ur site’s peminat setia #1.

  4. really that peminat setia meh? hahahaha. later i give u quiz u cannot answer then how? `o)
    alah why so shy about the html codes? u memang sexy what 😛

  5. <ian level=”10/10″>ian’s sex-o-meter level</ian>
    who said custom tags don’t work? *laff*

  6. ahahaha… heeeyy my entry where got short? haha..thats because i have nth to say most of the time!!! my life kan tak syiok, not macam u beckz..:P 😛 Life in Cyberjaya just really is borrrinnnggg…

  7. errrrm, i didnt say ur entries are short lah. i meant it comes in short paragraphs! 😛
    and excooooos me ah my dear beloved friend of what seems like forever max, my life happening? if cooking and baking daily while icqing the whole day is happening, i dont know what to say. hehe. `oP

  8. oops, guess i’ve commented wrongly! hahas.. please dont hit me! ahh! beckyyy! i miss you soo much! where have you been? i cant get into your site when i try to drop by past months backk..

  9. max, alah dont be so mean lah. so jahats. dont wanna friend u liaos~! ~oP
    mandy!! hahahahaaa it’s okie if u commented on the wrong entry. hahaha. i still read them all. muacks. i miss you toooo girl!! `o) hehehee dont worry, im back for more blogging… nyehehe. 😛
    seyin, thank you thank you. *takes a bow* hehehe. 😛
    kiffer, i wished it was for real too but then there would be supermodel-like body chiqs all over that supermodels wouldnt be so special anymore. hahahaa 😛