sickity sick

sickity sick

(/edited) at 1:38am, 15th jan 04

im sorry. i just had to blog this but im too lazy to write a whole new entry. this is part of what has happened last night. a mad psycho who lives above me kept throwing things down, targetting at this particular spot (a carpark). now the sad thing was, this has been going on for months and the saddest group of security guard has yet to catch the culprit. the psycho was on a one month hiatus and now he’s back throwing lotsa stuffs like iron rods, water bottles, newspapers (the star newspaper, must be pretty educated), biscuit tins… and etc. that was before the hiatus actually. yesterday he filled an empty biscuit tin and threw at a car downstairs almost at 3am and looked at the pix of what has happened. i just heard him throw something down. vista komanwel, my condo, was supposed to be “poshy” but it’s turning out that even “educated” (based on the star newspaper) psychos could live here. what has gotten into this place?! may you all send some ppl down here and may we chase the culprit together. hooray. besides, im in a happy mood now. very happy. nice catching up with you, nik lim and the rest of those who ive just chatted (esp my long lost school mates!). love you heaps, mr loverboy. 8″) adios. and oh oh, 8tv rocks muh buttocks btw! 8″)
sighs. it’s only 1:31am and no one’s in sight. where are all my loved ones?! `o( was really sick and i mean really really really sick but i dragged myself out of the bed when my aunt called because she wanted to buy a dress. if u hadn’t known, i had sore throat the day before but it recovered fast the next day as it was quite mild. since i was all hippy and all, i baked two types of cookies and drank this “red clover” tea my mom gave me and erm, got food poisoning after that. i think it’s from the tea because god knows how old the tea is. definitely not my cookies as they are safe to eat! anyway, back to my aunt, we headed out to midvalley but got lost and went to mont kiara instead but it’s all good. found our way and had lunch at kim gary. i thought i was feeling much better but when we started to walk around, exploring the megamall, i kept getting sharp pains on my tummy and i had to squeeze my tummy hard and stand the pain but that didnt mean i didnt get to buy anything though. i wasnt supposed to shop but damn it, i ended up spending about almost another hundred on just accessories. sighs. `o( please, never ever bring me out to malls or whatsoever that has lotsa varieties. in pain or not, i’ll still buy stuffs. now, again, im officially broke. sorry abang, i cant keep my promise. `o( i spent the money liaos.
i dont know what’s with me and spending so much like as though im mrs richy rich. i think for the past few weeks, all u’ve ever heard on is about me spending money like nobody’s business. here i am complaining how broke i am and how my empty milo tins could do me a favor or two and im still spending money unnecessarily. probably because im trying to cheer myself up by pampering myself. life’s full of ups and downs after all, eh? oh yea, anyway, was supposed to be back in malacca today until the fourth day of cny (about two weeks plus duration) but my aunt got a call and she got herself the job she applied last week so i’ll be back much later. hehe… thank god. being in malacca for two weeks plus is a pure torture although tommy might be there and so is sexy guy. oh speaking of bernard, he has been such an amazing chatmate lately. i didnt know he had so much to crap and i didnt know he’s a bi! 8″P kidding! but well, let’s just say, i know who he’s after now and im erm, NOT helping him. *looks at yeeng* whoops?! jk! 8″)
cny is really round the corner. no one’s getting married before cny. bad timing. `o( evil evil couples. no mercy on bankcrupt people like me. hehe. that’s the so called lucky bamboo tree i bought recently to put at my coffee table. i thought it looked rather cute. wanted to buy a kamquat tree too but oh well, no more $$$ *kaching*. hmmm… i dont really have much to say actually. went to see the docs earlier on and went to pasar malam after that. poor sick ol’ becks had to go out the whole day but i think that really helped me recover fast as my chronic tummy aches are feeling much better now. since i cant go for my brisk walking today, i guess all the shopping and walking was a good suppliment.
anyways, was talking to max and well, we sorta talked about old times, back in cpt, our primary school. you know, ive known max for ten holy years. we lost touch for about six years or so but oh well, we’re very much in love with one another now. it seems that all those “long lost” friends or kaki lepaks of mine that ive asked her about were ex-bulimics. wth? i wish i was one too then i would be as pretty as them with a body to die for as well. ive seen some of their latest pix and boy, they are so god damn hot. what to do. cpt girls are to-die-fors anyways. ask frostie, he should know better since he lives nearby. alrights, i’ll end here. nites. my piggies are saying nitey nites too. muacks all you beloved. <3 *goes adoring her dreamboy of four years* p/s : try listening to lux (cafe del mar) - northern lights. introed by beng kuan. chill out music rules!

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  1. there’s always room for improvement. lol. aijorrr tapi not as good as my friend-of-what-seem-like-forever maxine anne sibert. hehehehehehehe 😛

  2. hahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahaa. bernard, i where dare!
    eh biatch0, that’s right. i was wondering wtf was the artiste. thanks yea. cos i lazy wanna check my winamp. yeaps. lux’s the artiste. 😛

  3. food poisoning is the worst. i’d almost rather have the flu. i’m glad u r feeling better. i love the piggies and the lucky bamboo. 🙂

  4. shoot blanks, i know. damn nice man the song. eh intro more lah to me. i havent been d/ling chill out songs for ages ever since i found my love for chinese songs. hehe. my tummy? much better but still uneasy.
    aj, i know! at least with flu, u get a sexier voice! sniffles. 🙁
    max, betul lah. ur so tall and skinny! 🙁

  5. ehehe slaya uve heard of A Man called Adam – Estelle ? highly recommended (would upload to the site if u dont haf) .. shall intro u more ler when i see ya online aights?
    heh and hows the tummy today arrr? heheeh

  6. arhahha u noe wad i loveeeeee to shop =X
    even if im gone be like seriously broke i stil spend, wad’s wrong wif me?LOL XD bud when i have like a bit of money i dun reali spend o_O
    anyways hey that pig’s cuteeeeeee, can i have it?LOL X)
    gimme my ang pow nyummies XDDDD =x

  7. becky boo dear! do smtg to ur taggy pls! i feel so outta place to comment here!
    MAX>hv u met up wv shuyin yet???

  8. shoot blanks, tummy’s behaving but it sorta churn after my loverboy couldnt let me go. nyehehehehehee. i’ll d/l a man called adam – estelle now. hehe. im busy watching 8tv. rocks maximum! 😛
    eh max, it’s 178 cm actually. lol. and max, ur darn skinny. oh btw, gary somehow told my bro u looked like me. wtf?! i think he mistaken u for aj lah. hehe.
    nyyyummiess, never ever will i EVER give u my piggies. even if my hubby were to asked from me he wouldnt get it. hahaha and shopping rocks esp when u have the money. i dont but i still shop. it’s addictive. 😛 and ur the one who owes me ANG POW!!!! *LICKS U* can i collect my ang pow now? 😛
    ian, oh yea. i used to dig them. haha. man, ive been missing out alot from the chill out scene. lol.
    hahahaha pat sorrrrrrry. wait ler, berd’s writing me my own tag script. lol. sorry yea? MUACKS :OP

  9. hahahahahhahahaha….i look like you??? whaaaaaat? im dark and you’re like snow! hahahha… yeah la just rub it in la.. i know u’re 8 cm taller than me … haha ..:P
    Pat- Im going back to penang today!!!! wahahha yeah may meet up with her la if she wants to meet up with me la

  10. im like snow? max, this time, even with ur specs on, it’s not enough. lol. u need to check on ur eyes man. lol. 😛
    shu yin, yea. and she didnt know. she thought only eight. max can’t count for nuts. lol. 😛 but i love u still maxinepoo muh darls. 😛

  11. in cantonese, ppl like u are called, “mou leong sam”. indirect translation, not sincere i think. hahahahahahahaha. `o( nvm lah. it’s all good. u know what a forgiving person i am dont u. eh char bor, quick blog an entry before u balik pg lah. 😛

  12. darn =\ no piggy & no ANG pow from nyummies too =\ muahha how i wish next time i can be a rich tao tai and shop til i drop LOL =x
    woah man, throwing things downstairs is so inconsiderate, it cud even kill someone bud its a carpark aint it?that fella’s car is so suay sia, kena so mani times =\

  13. hahahahahaaha. nyummies, is ur current bf rich? if yes, let us share the wealth okies? muehehehehehehe. 😛 actually, it’s the same carpark but diff cars. so far i think 3-4 cars kena edi. haha 😛

  14. muahahaha XD bf oso might not be hubby next time ma LOL =x
    no canot share him, he’s MINE :p juz like the piggies are urs LOL X)

  15. wah lau damn happening la ur apartment..middle of the night also got free entertainment…not bad huh..patutla Dan wanna move there.
    ei i know nuts bout to write a script for u la?I dont study IT ler.
    btw pat sudah balik swiss..but im going back penang soonn

  16. nyummies, let’s make a deal. i share with u my piggies, u share with me ur bf cum my ang pow provider! muehehehhe. kidding. 😛
    berd : hahahahahahahaahahhaahahahahahahaha. pat balik switz damn alot ago only now u know ah berd? eh wei, u sendiri say wanna write for me wan?! PENIPU BESAR. dont wanna help u and my gf liaos 🙁

  17. I can’t connection damn screwed up lah…i will blog when i balik pg la…hehe…

  18. i have that lucky bamboo tree at home too! its supposed to bring luck..but so far i haven’t had any. its not working.

  19. eh berd, i still have the logs leh. u really said u’ll do for me wan!!!! 🙁 chin yan!
    max, tak per. when u reach pg, blog about the caucasian u told me about in the bus! 😛 if can, post pix also. i wanna drool along.
    joe, indeed. kesian maximum.
    fish ah, it’s SNORT SNORT. hehe. dont simply snog on my site please.
    gena, yea. i got cheated. i bought it three times more than elsewhere. stupid shit. luck my foot. haha. happy cny btw 😛

  20. if its my car, i swear i definitely gonna raid every single appt unit on that block and skin dat culprit alive in public … 😛

  21. alah… got insurance cover mah. but then i wanna go catch that fella lah tapi no ppl teman. pasti damn fun wan go catch psychonut. hehe. THRILLING 😛

  22. eheheh what happened to ur taggy ah? suddenly the box for typing the name/message all hilang wan .. eheeh ur pigs ate it issit ehehe

  23. muahhahhaha 😛 nope =P u aint got a deal outa me =P *snack nyummies’ piggies* wahahha *me runs* XP

  24. hehe no lah. have to wait longer for it to load. i hate my taggy. oh wait, I HATE TAGGIES DAMN IT. my pigs are nice lah please. eh shoot blanks, i have to be sent back to malacca tomorrow for something and if i cant get a bus ticket home to kl or anyone to send me home to kl, i will be there till 4th day of cny. quick help me pray. or u could be a darling and quickly learn up ur parking skills and send me home to kl! 🙂 i mean, come on man… after all the love we’ve shared?! why not right? MUEHEHEHEHEEHHEEHEHEHE. 😛

  25. SNACK! NYUMMIES! U WANNA SNACK ME?! HARLOW? am i that yummmy?!!! *runs away* haha. im kidding about sharing ur guy. im happy with my mr. yap. hehehe. *MUACKS* happppy cny u all.

  26. wah 44 comments sia. let’s make mine 45 like my song site lidat *sings* BIMFUL OF ASHA ON THE FOURTYFIVE WELl Its a Brimful Of asha ON the FOURTY FIVEEEEE~

  27. muahahahaahaha although ur comment is irrelevant, i still love it. AND BIMFUL OF ASHA ROCKS. hehehee. i used to like that song alot. lol. 😛

  28. waaa 4th dat of CNY ah ? ehehee i cant wait tht long!!! *LOL* .. ill just go CUCKOO without u ler eheheh .. heha i sket ill get lost as i leave eastside .. ehehehehhe

  29. muahhah its snatch! nyummies i got a typo dere =x hey who’s mr yap?”chong shi zhao lai” (confess evything) 😛 ur new hubby?muahhaha =x

  30. becky’s giving ang pows this coming cny….there’s gonna be a big hole in mr yap’s many angpows to give ler

  31. shoot blanks, sure bor? ur doing so well with all ur chiqas on the eastside. im not even from the eastside, im sure u’ll be doing fine. lol. muacks. happy cny.
    nyummies, dont listen to them. hahaahha. they’re making up news on mr. yap and i. we aren’t married yet. lol.
    berd, go die. haha. mr yap’s pocket’s empty cos i always make him buy me stuffs. wedding planning and all can wait. hehehe. cny!!!!!!!!!!!! 😛 i hate cny!!! 😛
    biatch0, that is so not relevant to cny. hehe but yea. cafe del mar is super commercialised.