secret admirer

secret admirer

hmm… i have so much to say that i dont know where to start. so many good news. im so happy. im delirious! hehe. but i’ll keep that for the last bit. suspense mah. i just got back from the edu fair at pwtc since my dad says he might be sending me to aussie or new zealand (darn, i dont wanna be milking cows, man!). my dad’s not gonna be sending me to rmit (my dream uni after middlesex!) though because it’s way too pricey. `o( looks like i’ll end up in curtin university or murdoch university. that sucks. sucks sucks sucks! *pouts* anyway, while i was at my uni. coll‘s booth, i saw my highschool headmaster. he still remembers me and that made me proud because when i was back in penang a few weeks ago, my primary school teacher, pn.liew remembered kristina but not me. *boo hoo hoo*. oh btw, i met my primary classmate, theresa ong, at the edu fair. she’s half my size. she didnt grow an inch since i last saw her in primary six. hehe. oh well, back to my ex-headmaster, he’s now working for my uni. coll. how queer is that?!
okies, i know that was boring and was none of your concern. hiaks. let’s go to erm, the next topic i have in line. for the first time in my life, our car have been stopped by the police middle last night. it was really stupid cos we were all dressed in shorts and t-shirts and we just left our house like five mins ago and the policemen thought we were back from a drinking session. we showed our idents and he kept looking at us suspiciously. siao lang!. anyways, went on for yc and abangess & ivan joined us. not too long after that, we met daniel who was supposingly very very sick (nyehehehehe. caught you!). stevens was awfully quiet yesterday though but there was this particular hot mama that terence was busy checking out (hor, terence, hor?!). nyehehehehe.
dad woke me up at 10am this morning and i was so blur. did some cooking and this time, im burnt-free! hehe. i already have four burns on my hands. terence said it looks like as though ive been abused. l33t. anyways, guess what?! 8tv is showing gilmore girls! *dances around as she throws pieces of her clothing away* im so happy. *wiggles booty* but it was supposed to be on tuesday night. i dont know why the hell they show gilmore girls at 12 in the noon on a sunday. who the hell gets up so early (except today, i dont usually get up before 12). now i’ll have to set my alarm just to be able to watch gg although ive watched them all. i even have them in cds. i can never get sick of gg and most of you would’ve known gg influences me alot! `o) i love gilmore girls.
oh well, enough on gg. they’re stealing the spotlight away from me. ahem… *insert drum rolls please*, now let’s talk about what that has been making my day (or week or actually, for the past one month!). a guy that took me four years to make him notice me finally noticed me for the past one month. last time, he wouldnt even stop to talk to me at all but now, he’s not only calling me but he’s pestering me to go out with him and all. after waiting for four years, i still feel the same “BURNING SENSATION” i felt back when i was in highschool. even if i were to just stand beside him, i would’ve melt instantly because he’s too hot. everyone i know who knows him says he’s fcking adorable and hot, including my own sister! you know, i’ve kept his number in my mobile for four years hoping that someday i’ll see that number appear on my mobile, a call from him. and guess what?! all the wait’s worth it. now not only has it appeared but it seems to be appearing way too frequently. but u know what? im not going to go out with him yet. it’s nice trying to jual mahal. anyways, he’s just nice to admire and drool over and nothing more so im not putting in hopes. `o) he knows who he is because well, i cant help but keep telling him how uneasy he makes me feel whenever i talk to him or see his pix because i’ll be busy drooling over him. hahahaha. ohmigosh! i cant believe im still behaving like a teenage girl. oh wait, im still a teen until 3rd august this year. hiaks. `o) oh p/s : he’s a few cm shorter than me now though because when i first adored him, he was taller and after four years, oh well, i grew and overtook his height. no harm done though. hiaks hiaks.
hmmm.. i guess that ends my entry for today. kris’s granny just passed away on tuesday. my condolences. `o( tommy’s coming back this cny’s eve. hooray. more sfc kaki and ang pow for me. been grocery shopping for the past three days. wanna know how much i spent? rm300+! tsk tsk. oh well, till then, im off to prepare burgers and salads for my family. adieu! `o) love y’all loads! <3

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  1. gf ku yang kedekut…i am ur gf and u didnt tell me about tat guy??? adoi…how could u lar~…i so sad larr..*soB soB*…i dont care ..u have to call me and tell me everything!or else we ‘fan sau’ onli lar!

  2. err harlow? u knew about him lah my dear. i even sent you his pix!!! *kicks you gfku yg tidak pedulikan saya* fan sau apa fan sau? did u know bernard’s begging to let him kau you? 😛 muahahahahahahaha 😛
    errr pat, how come?!! ur using mac ahs? shouldnt be a prob whats. the place to leave ur name/http/msg is at the top instead of it being at the bottom ler 😛

  3. wahlau becky,got gf not enough?somemore need a bf ka? eh canot b so selfish lah ok…everything oso u take..mana boleh…hehehehehe

  4. i purposely take my gf so that u cant have her and no one else can. 🙂 im not looking for bf also. `o) i just got out of a love mess, takkan i wanna lock myself in another meh? 🙂

  5. oii greedy wei u!! eheeh got gf and shoot blanks .. ehehe now wan bf summore *smacks* .. ooh wait .. did i see burgers? *whoopee*

  6. hahahahahahahahahahhaahhaa. shoot blanks, cheh, u always also all talks no actions. of course i cannot just keep waiting right? must move on mah. muehehehehehehe. see burgers? no lah u just heard em. we had so much leftovers. nyehehehehe. see what happens when u dont wanna learn up ur parking? u dont get asked to come over and get em burgers 🙂

  7. heh heh ere i am to flod ur comment box .. see where got suffe?!?!? woo after i learn my lessons, i’d like a warm bath and a burger to go .. eheheheh

  8. shirley, hahaha, whoops! take care urself “_”
    hmmm eishin, are u hinting on something? hehe. a warm bath?! hmmm.. i’d like that too… with my rubber duckky! 😛
    eh jason. kurang ajarnya kamu. that’s my trick mah. let u guys keep reading 🙂

  9. ya dear..i know it’s on top.. but it’s jz WHITE! i don see nothin! u get me not? sobs..nvm la..i comment here nia lo! sighsss…..

  10. arhahhhaa that terence buaya =x
    why u alwaz bump into so mani ppl one?LOL XD
    wow a hottie hot on ur heels now?cool man bud isnt he like taking sooooooo darn long to notice u?man =\
    wad’s l33t?LOL

  11. hey becky…when i was using peter’s laptop the other day in his hse…me also cant tag at ur taggy (same case as pat). i couldnt see the place to enter my name/html/msg!!
    dunno y also!…weird!

  12. hahahahahahahaha. karin nyummies. sorry. didnt notice ur comment. yeaps. 4 years is long. im satisfied. ive gotten his attention and that’s all i need and want. haha. i dont want him because he’ll make me feel insecure. i get jealous really really fast. haha. l33t? no idea. hahahahaha. i only know what’s l33t talk. it’s th|s k|nD4 t4|k. very irritating. hahahahahaa.
    why do i always bump into so many ppl? i guess cos kl isnt small. hiaks ;P

  13. becks u R tall! 2 more cm to 6ft. heeks. i wouldnt wanna be standing next to u *feels like a gnome* hahaaha.. too bad he didnt notice u 4years or at least 3yrs back, or at least u could have remembered him as the lengchai who isnt few cms shorter than u haha. kidding kidding. man, this guy must be really lengchai. lol. yea harmless crushes are nice;) After all it’s the safest, aint it. =)

  14. yalah becky u so tall…i need to buy high heel shoes next time we go yam cha la…or u can get lower chairs to sit at stevens next time..hehehe

  15. hehehehe se yin! oh yes he is. super-duper leng jais. the most leng jai one among the leng jais. hehehehehehehehehhee. *droools* and im not that tall lah. hehehehhehehe. `o)
    eh berd, u not as tall as me dont need to perli me kua. hehehe. but ur quite tall also mah. taller than yeeng enough edi right?! hehehehehehe 😛 muacks.