Gong Xi Fa Cai

Gong Xi Fa Cai

~~~ Happy Chinese New Year!!! ~~~
Quick shout outs, Gong Xi Fa Cai to people i know personally who visits this site – – Becky dear, Yeeng, Pat, Shu-Yin, Celeste, Jolyne, Dion and Bernard. Have a great time ok you people? Loads of hugs and muakss ..:)
To everyone else, Happy Chinese New Year to you too!!! May you have a nice and prosperous new year.
Recap of the week since I’ve been back in Penang
Friday – Lunch at Dome, Gurney Plaza with Rachel & Banyen. Bumped into Kuan Nee, Marie, Wooi Min & a few other people( i cant rem). At night, went to Raffe with Banyen,Kuan Nee, Wooi Min & Timothy. We had a great long talk and we did managed to catch up with some latest gossips. 🙂 Met Shu-Yin & Peter, Dawn and a few other friends. Even met Nicol David there. No biggie though.
Saturday– My best bud, Christine‘s sister, Anne‘s wedding. Mass at my church in the morning then dinner was at Shangrila Hotel. Food was really gooood!! I’m such a glut. Sigh.
Sunday – Went for evening mass, met Terence & Christine & etc. At night, met up with Banyen, Christine & Gerard at Sunrise Mcdonalds.Before that , we popped by Gurney Plaza. Bumped into Tchen Shun, Navin & my cousin,Leon respectively. After McD, we headed to Raffe. It was kinda weird that day , cause the Raffe guy who knows us so well ( he even knows what we always drink and eat and all), he gave me and Banyen a speech about studying hard and getting good jobs and there is no rush to find the special someone and blah blah blah; he even said that we better study hard or else we would end up like him. Poor guy. haha…
Monday – Did my contact lens!! FINALLY!! Man, it hurt like hell when I first put it on and took it off . It took me approximately more than an hour to actually put it and take it off. How do you people actually do it so freaking easily?? Damn.. my eyes hurt like hell for the entire day. I really hope I get used to wearing the bloody things. Sighssss…..
Tuesday – Had my orthodontic appointment. Tightening as usual. The aftermath just sucks. Beside that, i did nothing! Stayed at home. 🙁
Today(Wednesday) – Met up with Shalyn for breakfast at Subaidah. Had a good chat with her. The rest of the day was spent at home. How boring. Man.. i need a life. My family and I had Yee Sang( Ee Sang?) for dinner! haha..it was good! 🙂
Take care everyone. Happy Holidays!! 🙂

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32 Responses

  1. hey gal!!! gong hei fatt choi to u too! wah sudah makan yee sang? i havent eaten mine yet… YES i brought back to swiss a big packet of yeesang with me muahahaah! might be eatin it tonite hehe! u have a great time… and share ur angpaus with me ya… *sharin is caring* *biggy hugz*

  2. you NEED a life??!
    dey, look at ur entry.. its ‘meet thisthisthis person, meet thatthatthat person’
    go out here there everywhere..
    okla tu… the walls of your house oso miss u, u know… kehkehkeh… not to mention the plants n the gate and the grass and the ceiling!

  3. maxineee…thank u..gong xi fa cai~…kekeke…aiseh..u very busy huh??? everyday also keluar ajee…me damn bosan..hahaha…but at least tis year i get to play mercun~…kekeke

  4. haha yeah cause i rarely get to be back in penang so i always like to fill up my time with everything i can do!!
    yeah yeeng i also banyak main mercun with my neighbours..hahahaha
    celeste..:P when u moving?
    jolyne..hehehe ..:)

  5. Penang is so beautifulll man…plus all the mercuns I have at home..hehehe..btw GOng hei fatt choy everyone !
    becky’s com crashed liao…

  6. cool! you went to penang! My best friend’s from there. Place for great food I heard. Plan to go there this year maybe…
    ooo.. by the way… Gong Xi Fa Cai!

  7. hey bernard..of course penang is great!! we’re penangites!! hahaha ..penang rocks forever..
    Jo Lin, err i think you must have thought that the entry is from becky. hehe..I’m Maxine from Penang so yeahhh …yeah food here is good! depends on where you eat lah..
    Jinny- subaidah’s food is ‘ok’ only lah..and yeah i heard about the diarrhoea thing.my friend had the same thing ..

  8. hahahahahaahahaha fck u biatch! ur so damn fcking happening wei. how can u be more happening than i am. wtf man. 🙁 i hate yew `o)
    hehehehe. fooolamak, rindu me eh? i miss u too but only if u give me big big ang pau. 😛 kiddding. muacks.

  9. if im married then i will beckz..unfortunately the last time i checked, i was not ..so..too bad yeah!? 🙂
    diony miony …:) *huggss*

  10. eh mrs yap..don talk crap here okie…make sure my angpau is ready for me when im back in KL…probably next week..
    and make sure its a big one with a minimum of rm 50 inside yeha

  11. berdie me tadak ur add la how to send u angpau rite? furthermore i’m also stil a virgin so no angpaus too! hehe!
    becky..shuyin’s in KL now rite? u met up wv her again? 🙁