first day in college in 2004

first day in college in 2004

hie everyone.warh!i so long didnt blog liao…kekeke….got miss me or not? anyway….happy new year everyone…i am sorry i wished u guys abit late. i just realized i have tis bad habit of typing….after every sentence.pls forgive me!!!!kekeke..anyway…before i forget..becky asked me to tell u guys she got 2 As out of 4 subjects and she is very sad now and she hampir bunuh diri yesterday and she needs some money to go clubbing.anyone who has extra money can donate some to her..=) ( becky is so going to kill me). today is my first day in college after about one month of’s kinda sad coz i didnt really do anything during the holidays..i just went yum char with my frens and makan and makan and tidur and tidur and then the next thing i know…my holidays habis liao..=( so sad ler…today i hampir tertidur in the class coz my class started at 8am and somemore no leng chai in my class to inspire me and motivate me to stay awake..muahahaha..cant wait for the monash U students to return..the leng chai hunt 2004 will begin in less than one month from now..stay tune for updates..=).i have a feeling that 2004 will be a better year for me coz i am very happy now.. weeeee .. 2003 had been quite a bad year for me..i had more downs than ups…i was sad and depressed most of the time..i really hate to be in tis kind of stuation..i hate myself for being tat way..but luckily 2004 has been great so far..i kinda met back one of my primary school fren through friendster…it’s fun talking to him…kekeke..glad to make the first new fren in year 2004…oh yeah…new year resolutions..kekeke…all this while i nvr made any resolution b4 ..mayb i was lazy or mayb i just didnt want to let myself down for not being able to do it…BUT tis year i actually made two resolutions..keke….very simple and easy to do (duwan to susahkan myself) first..i want to learn as many things as possible ..second i want to make more frens…=) easy isnt it? wanna share ur resolutions wiff me? remember to comment ya!!! hahaha…anyway i am sorry i didnt have much to blog tis time…i think i better stop here…so take care everyone….have a nice day and hope tat 2004 will be a better year for all of us..adios..*muaks*

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  1. OMGGGGGG. u call me ur gf and u fitnah me? pandainya nenek ini. hahahahhahahahahahaa. very happy leh? all thanks to me right? ive been so nice to you. what have you given me in return?! U FITNAH ME IN MY OWN BLOG! *kicks ur black titties* hahahahahaha. glad to see u blog lah. dah sekian lama tak dengar from u, oi gf ku yg jahats. `o) and btw, ny resolution tu, it’s so damn easy lah. buat lawak. that’s more like an interest edi.

  2. baiknya gf aku ini…the first one to comment on my blog..hahaha…alarh i tak fitnah u lar..i am trying to help u lar…when ppl donate money to u..then u got more money to go CNY shopping wiff me lar…should say thank u mar…kekekke….aiseh…u know me larr….shy gurl marr..dont dare to go out and berkenalan..kekeke..anyway..thanks for being there for me…=)…weeeeee

  3. wheres the black titties?!? heeh kena fitnah on your own blog .. heh heh virgin-slaya need donation ah .. wheres ur milo tins ler? ehehehe

  4. wah gf, pandainya kamu twist and turn kata kata mu tapi tak per lah, saya tetap cintakan kamu. hahahahaaaaaaa. cny shopping? sudah pokai lah somore so many baju edi, still go shopping meh? hehe. i ajak u tomorrow u tak nak. ish ish.
    shootblanks, guess what? i did more black titties today and i made sure it suit ur skin color. hahahahahahahahahhaa. my milo tins? u come and collect and fill it up for me ler. `o)

  5. eh yeeng, i’m monash-er too… =)
    go to MUSA guarantee can see me on the couch..i miss the beanbags though that they had in there last time

  6. terima kasih kepada semua yang bercomment on my blog…weeeeee…
    jinny: kekeke….come..let’s go for leng chai hunt 2004 together lar ok…
    jason:hahaha…the only thing u said to me is hie u r becky’s fren..=p haha…nice chatting wiff u also lar

  7. excooooos me gfku yg evil, kamu selalu bising takde org komen, aku komenkan segala yg boleh, see lah now 12 comments liaos. im so nice. and EXCOOOOS ME ah gfku yg evil, kamu sendiri yg tak nak blog tolong jgn tenggelamkan aku dalam air bersama-sama mu. `o)

  8. hehe hie yeeng…welcome back to blogging…:P
    becky..wahh..2 a….good man..congrats.

  9. maxine: thankss….weeeee… ku yang tamak wants 4 A ….2 A terlalu sikit liao….those wiff extra A in their exams can also donate some to gf ku yang tamak

  10. heyyyyy beckyy! it’s be sucha long time since i drop byyy! i’m sorryyy! missya so much but i cant enter your site int he past few months… how are you doing? love to hear from you soon and i’ll visit here whenever i’m free cuz i’m taking my Os this year…=) cyaa!

  11. hahahahaha it’s okie mandy. bigggest hugs. i havent been to many ppl’s site too. been really busy. let’s forgive one another. hehehehehe. muacccks. good luck with ur Os yea? muacksss!! 😛

  12. bernard: hahahaha….jealous leh??? u also can find a bf and bertanding wiff me and becky…lol…=)

  13. wtf?!!!! I WANT DANIEL?! HELLO?!! I SO SLEEPY ALSO EYES OPEN SUPER WIDE NOW. omg. dont spread rumours lah. i love yeeng and only yeeng. hehehe. `o)
    TRIXXXIEE CUTTTIESS!!! OHMIGOSH!!! has been so long. im so sorry. never mentioned to u about my new blog. been so busy. MISS YOU TOO! *muacks*

  14. bernard… hehehe, i also woke u up what. with ur miss … _ _ _ _ _ _. hehe and ur mr. _ _ _ _ _ _. dont let me spell it out ah. hahahahaha. `oP

  15. berd scared liao. hehehehe. stevens besok, dim sum on sat okie? hahaha. u promised liao. muahahaha. `o)

  16. omg!!! beckyyyyyy. you’ve got your domain and you never told meeeeee 🙁 couldn’t find your old url so I thought you were goneeeee :((((
    thank God you’re back ;D missed ya so much hun~

  17. aijor. mata sakit. so many comments. hehe.
    eh shoot blanks, quick go learn up ur parking ler. tak sabar edi wanna go joy ride with you and all. muahahahahahahaa. `o) taggy? wait lah. registering. i’ll get a free one first. damn lazy lah. hehe.
    hahaha fon, the bloggers or the commenters?
    bernard, dont tipu lah. we know u enjoyed our conversation yesterday. hahahaha. `o) and the best of all, we know u want more!!!! 😛
    nadine!! hahaahaha i also didnt know u moved and got ur domain too!!! oh well, i missed you too. hehehehee. i’ll change ur link asap! 😛

  18. testing testing. my stupid comp cant rebuild page. hehehe. eh, yeeng complains this comment box is more like a chatbox rather than a comment box. hehe. takde kaitan with her entry. `o) my gf tak suka ooo. 😛

  19. most of the monash peeps are in coll every morning at 8am coz they got summer classes ahahaha… i shud know coz my whole gang consists of them..
    oh btw, im ex monash material… in acca now 🙂

  20. celeste: in part 2&3 kekeke…taking 2.6 and two optional papers…=) anyway…enjoy now while u can~