fatty bom bom

fatty bom bom

before anything else, i so wanna wish dylan-simply-too-cutey-that’s-so-hot-i-almost-burnt-my-brains-just-by-thinking-about-him-all-day-long a very very big happy birthday. *gives him a thousand and one birthday kisses*
mrs.yap becky is back! hehe. from the hell-ish grounds of malacca. thank god! i got so home sick after being there less than two weeks (my few hours back last week does not count) that i just got home earlier than expected. i would be lying if i were to say i had a good time there because i didnt. as a matter of fact, i had one of the worst punishments ever, very bad skin allergy + fungal infection on my face! holy cow. take that! two at once, all thanks to the very almost-could-melt-you hot weather. even that was an understatement. sighs. and i have no face to go meet up with my shu yin dearie and peter (and maybe shu wen too!), tommy sweetie who just got back from california, sharon cutie who will be back in two weeks time (omg, she’s so fcking hot now), and there’s a few others but well, i didnt make arrangements with them so let it be lah. ive not even met my own eve mama! omg. hahaha. but this week is definitely not a week to meet up with old friends. `o( on top of the butt-ugly fungal infection on my face, ive just put on 5kg. how’s that? im so gonna explode soon. `o(
oh yea, my pc crashed last week and good ol` biatch0 helped me with it. he quoted that my pc’s a “going, going, gone” case. *sniffles* anyhow, chillies on me lah yea biatch0? hehe. im still yet to go back to collect some software cds from him. aijor. anyhow, will be back in malacca this weekend again. *grumbles mumbles* my ozzie cousin from london will be back for only two days. oh yea, besides that, my singaporean cousins are coming over this weekend, so im really fully booked. there’s this blabber blogger gathering organized by sui lin and dicky. i cant xs into my ftp right now because most of my softwares are gone so you need more infos, just pop into their sites or any other m’sian bloggers site and you’ll see the details and stuff. my cny pix will be out asap once i get my ftp done. terence abang is already drooling badly over a pix of my cousins. ish. till then, adios. `o) gilmore girl’s on tv! *muacks*
currently listening to : sheryl crow- the first cut is the deepest

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29 Responses

  1. Pat,she’s Mrs Yap la..thats y we should get ang pau from her lah..sudah kahwin wut..
    Malacca is damn fcking hot when I stayed there last time…like in microwave oven nia.

  2. pat, hahahahaha, it’s just some stupid nickname bernard gave me.
    smashpop, not yet lah. so charm `o(
    berd, yealor, tell me about it. can melt! 🙁

  3. why i now only know bout dis becky aka mrs. yap thingy wan?
    berdie: malacca dat hot meh? ok wat when i was there in dec! oooo i miss da erm… wat’s da name of those ketul-ketul rice ah?

  4. haha pat, it happened recently mah. the ketul ketul rice? either chicken rice balls or nasi hempet.
    hahaha shoot blanks, u only know how to sweet talk me ler 🙁

  5. Malacca is damn hot laa..i stayed there for a year..macam dalam oven only.
    btw the ketul ketul rice is the chicken rice BALLS. its nice when u eat once or twice..anything more than that makes me wanna puke.
    pat,u shud have tried the “char siu fan” at night le…only sell from 1am-5am.
    becky is now mrs yap okie..so no more becky here n there la…plus my angpau mana?

  6. omg. jinny, same here. but mine’s more than an allergy, it’s a fungal infection. die die die 🙁 sniffles. whoops. cny cannot curse 🙁
    terence, go die 😛 whoops, i mean go kick the bucket! 😛
    eh mrs. loh, dont simply gossip about me lah. haha. no ang pau for u. 😛 not married, not virgin, oh wait, still one i think. no ang pau okie? 😛
    haha mercury, no ang pow. not married 😛 thanks mercury! 😛

  7. yeah bernard, melaka was hot! i suffered for a year too ..but life in melaka is good!! compared to cyberjaya..damn …
    food! nyummm…char siu fan was damn goooood!!!!

  8. aairgggh dont remind me of food man. im growing fatter and fatter by the day all thanks to the sinful foooood `o(
    oh btw, shu yin’s bday today kah? i didnt know man. hehe shit must rush and go buy pressie cos im meeting her later for dinner `o)

  9. Malacca was nice le actually…the only thing is the bladry weather lah..if only I had a car there..life would surely be better..hehe

  10. i put on 2 kg when i came back from chalets that time and im still trying VERY hard to lose em -__________-”

  11. eh berdie!!! of coz i did try da char siu fan in da middle of da nite… a fren of mine ate 3 plates somore! crack man!