cny fatigue

cny fatigue

hi! *ponders* okie, so im not supposed to be here but i managed to get my tix back to kl BUT im back to my “military camp” (granny’s place) tomorrow. another two hours plus journey (minus the massive jam) back to malacca. i hate travelling. makes my ass flatter and flatter by the day. my four days at my granny’s place was close enough to hell. first day itself i got up at 7:30am to buy breakfast and then do some housework and by 11 am, i raised my white flag and went to bed. got up after my granny made lotsa noise and i was helping out with “acar” and “kuih rose” till 9pm. that’s right! you see, my granny has 11 kids, 20++ grandchildren and 10++ great grand children. of course, not all will be back from cny but then we still have to prepare food and cookies in a huge amount and not forgetting, the guests that will be coming. my “military” training starts from usually 8:30am till 12:30am. phew. im so exhausted. im back in kl but there’s more “military” training back in my own home. i so need a massage and lotsa loving from mr. yap (dont ask me who). maybe berd could shed some light on that since he was the one who started nicknaming me mrs. yap. `o(
my whole body’s ACHING! 🙁 and my food poisoning’s back. airgh! *pulls her hair up high* can you believe the amount of cooking and baking we did?! sighs. from the moment we open our eyes till the moment we close em, we’re busy slaving ourselves. i dont really mind though because i sorta went back voluntarily. but what im not happy is the way my relatives bang me. im sorry im no miss universe material they expect me to be, im sorry im no good grandchild, im sorry im not talented in cooking, im sorry im not small in size, im sorry im not perfect and im sorry i am proud of myself. everyone since i was a kid thought and hoped i’ll be some chun chiqa who’ll enter bimbo pageants like the rest of my aunts and even my mom or at least an air stewardess like some of my aunts or cousins. wtf?! so what if im big fat and ugly and am nothing like the rest of my so called “super chioh bu” relatives?! they keep bombing me and well, im glad im very tolerant and am not like last time. it was a good patience practice. i had to go through it everyday with them telling me how awful i look, how useless i am, and well… you get the rest of it. i dont fcking care anymore though it still stings me a little. `o( again, this is why i dislike cny besides the amount of workloads!
oh well, me being nice, im willing to go back for more bangings tomorrow. `o( hehe. u know, some asshole prank called my granny’s house from 11 pm (before that, the phone was accidentally switched off) till 12:30am (but that’s only because we switched the phone off back). it automatically rang non stop and each time we pick up, the fella just kept quiet. after about an hour, that asshole played some quran verses for us to here and then after the next few calls, he started playing some very weird music for us to here. the next morning, when we turned on the phone back, it was ringing again but just for a short while. this morning was the same as well. telekom said they cant help us check out who the caller is and advice us to change the num. stupid shit. the funny thing was, it also happened in my house but no weird chantings or music. it also happened to my hp. the thing is, nobody but my gf knows my house number and none of my friends knows my granny’s num so i highly doubt it’s for me. it was so freaky that i dare not sleep. >.< okies, anyways, gong xi fa chai everyone. xing nian kuai le. hung pao nah lai, please. i just bought another top because my relatives complaint mine's all black and white and cant be worn on chinese new year's first day. i now officially have 9 tops (inclusive of two jackets), 3 bottoms, shit loads of accessories, a scarf and three sandals. and again, i'm proud to announce, im officially broke. hehehe. QUICK GET MARRIED LAH ALL OF YOU, DAMN IT! kidding. muacks. im off to slave myself. Happy Chinese New Year! 🙂

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  1. adoi…kesiannya gf tersayangku….kena dera on CNY..where can larr..i wish i can help =)..anyway….about ur relatives..just dont care about them larr… long as u r happy wiff urself can liao…well…we cant satisfy everyone rite? anyway….no matter here to support u…weee….just take care…and remember to makan ubat~….gong xi fa will be going to ur house to collect angpow oK??? u can come to my house also larr…..=) so see ya when u r back from malacca ok? have a safe journey tomolo..=)

  2. hahaahaahahahahahaa wah my gf so caring. aku sudah temui soulmate saya. haha. yes, i’ll be at ur house collecting ang pow. please ask ur mom to give me bigger ones. too bad i cant be in taiping with u all this year hahahahahaha. come to my house lah yea. we all stay over and all. hehehehehee. gong xi fa cai

  3. haha beckz..happy chinese new year!! don’t over work yourself, most important..enjoy urself man!!
    have a safe journey to mlk!

  4. “super chioh bu”. whow… i have yet to see anyone else use this expression in m’sia… not too shabby.

  5. eh becky… so much clothes
    i none arr!! now wanna go out last minute buy also cannot cos i can’t walk… sad sad kes… *sob*

  6. Wah … Military camp some more … hehe becks on ‘NS’ !!!! *grins* … Happy Chinese New Year and no … u ain’t getting any angpau from me .. not in the next 100 years 😛

  7. poor nyummies :p
    darn, are ur relatives mad?u dun look awful at all, i alwaz tot u look delicious, esp wif the pretty eurasian look *envious*
    hmm, creepy phone calls :p

  8. woahhhhhhh… one trip and bought so many clotheS? err or what? gees *envies* nvm nvm, cny u can un-broke urself haha. happy cny!

  9. hehe becky.. kenot wear black or white on da 1st day…no worries.. borrow from shuyin la.. she has tonnes of PINKS!!!!
    hapy chinese new year gal!

  10. woaaaa… so many msgs in less than a week. *rubs eyes*
    let me see… hmmmm… i’ll divide my replies into two lah okies.
    berd, hehehehee broke? nvm lah got yeeng enough. she’s worth a million bucks what 😛 my stuff also kena curi leh. hehe. my gf kena curi by u. 😛
    max dear, thank u thank u thank u. 😛
    ian, hehe. maybe cos im mixing with too many singaporeans and my cousins influences me alot. lol.
    wah jinny baby, how come u cant walk?! what happened?!
    g.mama, ur the one happily married with a baby monkey. u owe me BIG BIG ANG PAU! 😛
    shu yin, hahahahahahaha thank god ur in kl now but then too bad my skin allergy so teruk. 🙁 susah wanna cari u. 🙁
    joe, as always, ur the kiam siap-est among the kiam siap-est. i am not gonna be a friend of urs anymore. any further whinings and complaints from you, im gonna CHARGE!
    shari, hahahahaa…. i sure DIDNT! 😛
    nyummies, naaah… pix lies! 🙁 im no where near to what ur expecting. 🙁
    seyin, hehehehehehehehee. no lah. i bought them all in a period of one month. and no, my ang paus are usually lesser than rm200. 🙂 i spent about rm600+ shopping. -rm400. 🙁 nobody wants to get married before cny wan 🙁
    patsy patsy poo.. hehehehehe. u buy for me nice nice clothes from swiss lah. 😛

  11. berd and fon, hahaha. ask mr. yap please thank u. it’s definitely not pat’s mom or dad lah unless they wanna give also can. 😛
    happpy new year to u too elaine! MUACKS! 😛

  12. hahahahahahaha…. what garang?! *kapiaks* you kiam siap mah. i keep offering you my ears and hugs for free, and u still so kiam siap so now must start charging ler. 😛