chilling at chillis

chilling at chillis

hur. i wasnt supposed to blog but oh well, i thought, the pix couldnt wait though i still owe some of you my cny pix esp those of my cousins. i cant believe dan can actually drool over my 14 year old cous. as for terence, he’s drooling over my 17 year old second cousin. ish. how come no one’s drooling over me, eh? *gets heartbroken* anyway, let’s get back to the pix. yesterday was shu yin dearie’s bday. i only found out last min so i went to klcc an hour earlier and then was joined by terence and followed by dan who came all the way after college (so he was dressed in formal and looking real hot!) to look for shu yin’s pressie. finally, five mins before meeting shu yin, we just grabbed a very cute pink pillow (flower shaped) and yea, that was it. i thought it was really lovely but whether she likes it or not, that’s a diff thing.
we then had dinner at chillies before 6pm because dan was really hungry and guess what? he was the first to complain he’s full. doh! the dinner was really really fun and most of us couldnt finish our meal. i think i have half of my dish left but as dan said, we were too full most probably wasnt much because of the dishes but more because we laughed too much? dan was entertaining us with his bkt mertajam kiasu-ism acts, backed up by us. muehehehe. tommy then join us about an hour later (my apologies, tommy-san). it turned out tommy knew peter since highschool over some chess tournament. then later on, when we were GOSSIPING about fon fon, it seems tommy knows him too, through magic card matches. my gawd. tommy seems to know the whole penang eventhough he has been in california for a few years. muehehehehe. oh btw, fon’s coming down this afternoon for blabbers bloggers. i cant make it though. `o(
alright, that’s all for now. more pix of only my COUSINS (since no one wants mine) and other miscelleneous pix coming up asap. gonna have a small farewell gathering for brandon, one of the oldest #pfs-ians around later in the afternoon. then off to my gf’s house for some mass orgy and then to pick up my singaporean cousins from bus station at midnight. oh man, wish me luck. adios. and oh, happy belated pai ti gong. `o)
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31 Responses

  1. nice pics becky dear!
    shuyin: i miss u!!! i’ve smtg for u but u hv to go to my house to collect it hehe! *muax*

  2. nothing is as tempting as you, shoot blanks `o)
    pat, i want a godddaaamn fcuk shirt too. pretty please with lotsa pink ribbons?! 🙂

  3. max> eh eh… since when i said i’m gettin u fcuk shirts? hmmm see la if i do get to cum bk in april..and if my memory isnt failin me… 🙂 and wat do i get in return??
    becky> PINK RIBBONS??? *faints*

  4. pat, u get a lunch at dome?! want want? hahahahah …. 😛 i want the fcuk shirt with the poem u know..but its pink la..and i hate pink..wait wait i go search for somemore shirts that i like….

  5. looks like u had a great time!
    haha i have always thought the serving portions at chillis are pretty large! always forgotten to share orders and end up wasting half of the food 😛

  6. max, i knowwww but ive been eating like crazy lately. omgggggg 🙁
    jinny, hehehe. im with erm my other friends mah… didnt know ur back also.
    seyin, exactly. greedy greedy us. wasting $$$ and food only. hehe.
    berd, i dont play ciplaks wan lah sorry. `o)

  7. burger how much ? looks sedap….
    becky sedap kah ?
    wuts the first dish with the vege and weird weird
    stuff call ? sedap ka ?
    i lamer and pok kai ppl… no money go go chillis

  8. xiuyun, I WANT TOO!! 😛 *nyums*
    monterey chicken. hehehe. the burger, there’s two. one’s monterey chicken sandwich i think and the other is something else. ask terence, i dont know. 🙂

  9. muahhah of coz he wun, kekkek :p have fun nyummies 😀 and rem to bring some burgers and fries for me lol XD

  10. wah. 😀 cool burgers. hey becks, you look so cute in pink. ooo.. look so sweet ar. but i still prefer becks in black. sexier! *grins*

  11. max> lunch at dome? DAT’S ALL??? cum on.. u can do better than dat hehe! wat else? *winks*
    becky>huh? who says they’re cheaper here? i doubt it leh! how much is one in msia? wud u know da diff if i were to bring bk a ciplak wan hehe!

  12. hehe jinny, then call u also no use mah. `o)
    nicole, haha, i’ll have finger foods first usually and yes, it’s already filling enough!
    nyummies, burgers and fries? haha im sure u can get better ones in singapore. lol.
    koay ling : haha yes, one of my only pink tops bought just for cny. hahaha. hehe my wardrobe too many black clothes edi. `o(
    fon fon yea lah that tommy lah. u spoke to him on the phone u somore dont know ah?
    pat : hahaha the last time i check, not in switz lah but in uk, i think about rm60-80 for a normal plain fcuk t-shirt. ciplak shirt maybe rm10 kua. but i know in factory outlet i think around rm40.