x’mas wishlist

x’mas wishlist

Are you gonna stay with the one who loves you
Or are you going back to the one you love
Someone’s gonna cry when they learn they’ve lost you
Someone’s gonna thank the stars above

i love the lyrics used in this song by glenn frey – the one you love. i think you might like it, ian! the song’s abit to the oldies side but yea, the lyrics sorta reflects some stuffs. again, it’s about decisions. life’s all about choices, isnt it?
cris, remember i told you once, i saw a guy who looks exactly like you at midvalley’s starbucks? i saw him again at pyramid’s starbucks! hooray! now we’ve got our “twins” to look for. 😛
christmas is just around the corner. what’s happening in town? i am so not updated. saddam hussein can be all over the front pages of the papers and i’ll be the last to know. so you can imagine how badly updated i am on the latest happenings in town. oh yea, let’s list down my wish list…
1) Gilmore Girls vcd (any season)
2) Black halter dress
3) Sexy stilletoes
4) A huge can of chupa-chups lollies
5) LOTR movie marathon tickets (all 3 movies together)
6) A possessive, jealous freak, controlling bf `o)
8) A great and fun filled job with a big pay cheque at the end of the month
9) Orlando Bloom / David Usher
10) More wishes… 😛
i cant help but be greedy. it’s just me. i just got another few job offers but ive decided to decline them because im still waiting for calvin’s offer. ive got two weekend job offers now as well and i think im taking one of them. i am pretty lost of words right now. ummm.. *ponders over what to say*. i think i’ll stop here and update later. take cares! 😛
p/s : theo, im done! i’m gonna be reading your blog now! 😛 and oh oh, did you know theo’s going to be “legolas” of lotr at klcc tomorrow? im so turned on!
(/edited) @ 3:52pm, 17th Dec 2003
check this out! it really put me in a x’mas spirit! i sorta baked some cookies yesterday and i did pasta and tom yum two days ago. oh gosh, im turning into housewife material! yikes! hehe. happy holidays!
santarina becks.
(/edited) @ 4:24pm, 18th Dec 2003
lotr releases today! hooray! *wiggles booty* oh wait, im sorry if i keep editting this entry. im too lazy to write another new one. the purpose of this entry? 😛

those pix are for you, shoot blanks!. i know you’ll lurve em. well, my sis and i somehow got addicted to baking cookies yesterday and we decided to bake cookies at 10.30pm! holy cow! we finished baking and cleaning up at 2.30am. hahaha. talk about being crazy! i know it doesnt look that good but oh well, im a first timer. i think i did pretty okie, without any help! *wiggles booty*

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55 Responses

  1. Becky .. got one vacancy for you ..
    Location : chow Kit road
    Time : 0100 til 0500
    Salary : if ya hardworking .. able to earn over 10K per Month 😛

  2. Mui…your layout I like veri muchee…so clean and eye pleasing. Serious…
    Anyway, hope you are doing okay and take care hor. Currently a lil bz wiht my Final Year Project…seldom talk doesn’t mean no love hor…hehe. Tata and muacks…

  3. OoOo Beckies can I be no. 6? Please pweety pwease! hehehe…
    U did saw him again? It’s a sign… it’s a sign.. that we should change our outlook.

  4. okies, what is this with me and dan?! hello?! *rubs eyes*
    daniel, i know since ur a regular there, looks like you know the place and all so well. ish, sorry lah, im over-qualified!
    ahkor, it’s okies! muacks! good luck yea. btw, this is a premade layout ler. haha. i think u should know better than i dont design so simple layouts. 😛 i dont even know how! i love u kor!
    fr0stie, i think you abit the sesat lah. im supposed to be in pg this weekend but since there’s pc fair, maaflah 😛
    crissy, you know you’ll always be the num 6 whenever you’re single! too bad you’re so in demand, i dont even have the chance to make you mine 🙁 and yes!!! we should go hunting for our “twins” together soon, yea?! *muacks*

  5. Oeiz dearie!!!!! *wave wave*… still remember me anot? *run over and gif a big big hug*… miss you so much.. finally finally finally can enter your site le!! how u dearie? hope u are doin fine.. Miss toking to you… take care of urself ok? I’ll update ur link soon and will be back for more readings!! Miss ya!! 🙂

  6. celineeee darls!!! of course i remember you! im the one who msged you in icq and you went, “er, you are?” hahahahaha. muacks!!!! thanks dearie. miss you tooooo muacksss!!!!! 😛

  7. errr u didnt even msg me wor? *muacks* but cris, we both know you’re always in demand. i dont even have the chance to meet up with you for months liao 🙁 *pouts*

  8. but what if… you’ve lost the one who loved you… and could never be with the one you love…

  9. i luuuuuuuve the song!!! wow, ian.. gosh u seemed so troubled. and i guess i never will know why but anyway, i wish u all the best & hope things will turn out great for u in the end.
    becks.. yummy yummy chupa chups. i can sponsor u that 😉 can even help u out with eating some =

  10. i loveeeeeee gilmore girls 😛
    Are you gonna stay with the one who loves you
    Or are you going back to the one you love
    hmm..i have no wonder o_O *shrugs* i probably wud stay wif the one who loves me i guess =|

  11. Ahh…the flash thingy is so cute! Don`t you just loveeeee christmas? Hehe! Anyways wahhaha your wish list is either so costly or so almost impossible!! 😛 Except maybe no 4!! The only thing i could afford! 🙁 Hehehe 🙂 *muackssssssssss g.dottie*

  12. dan is working there..thats y he knows the pricing and how much u can earn so well..btw chow kit is for pimps…not for girls la….GOT what i mean daniel??hehehe

  13. ian, im pretty much in the situation you’re in now, but you know what? i think going after the one you love no matter how many times you fall would be my way. but of course, after the one whom you believe you loves doesnt appreciate you still, move on! there are plenty of fishes in the sea!
    seyin! haha, this isnt the ian you know. the ian you know, i think he’s doing pretty okie. haha 😛 seyin, can you really?!!! hahaah. let’s share em! i dont mind! 😛
    cris, but it’s not inconvenient. for me to call you out and all, i still need your transport. besides, you’re working so near my place now, sniffles… give me a ring yea. we’ll go for dinner and all. hiaks 😛
    karin nyummies, serious?!!! i love them to bits! i would do almost anything to get all their seasons!!! and some even said they’ve influenced my life so much. hiaaaaks. and yea, if i have to make a choice, i’ll pick “stay with the one who loves me”. 😛
    g.mama, i’ll love xmas even more if i can be with the one i love!!!! *sniffles* hiakssss 😛 yes yes, a can of chuppa chups. everyone’s saying they can only get me that. hahahahaahaha… im gonna be so fat after x’mas 😛
    dicky, u’ll have to ask cris! 😛 i think he’s straight! 😛 he kisses well. *whooops?* hiaaks.
    bernard, hooooray!!!! we caught daniel red handed! 😛
    shoootblanks!!!!! hahaha. picnic at ur garden? looking at you makes me feel hungry. let’s go straight to ur room. hahahahahahahahaa *winks*
    jinny!!!! congrates!!! must be celebrating like mad. haha. dont overspend girl and have fun in pg! 😛
    fr0stie, telling through experience?
    daniel, dont worry. if no girl wants you anymore, you can always find the guy in g-string from stevens 😛
    abangess, dont worry. im pretty much lost with all the excitement goign around here as well. hiaks 😛

  14. anyway.. coming to thinking about it(the lyrics).. i’d say, staying with the one who loves me is like cheating on that someone. and going back to the one i love isnt worth it either if that someone doesnt love enough. 😀
    ps: lol eat too much lollies tongue also can bengkak. use a huge can.. fill in a few chupachups. does it count hahaa jk

  15. well, seyin, the most important thing in life is to love and be loved. i think im the type of person who can learn to love someone after been given some time. so yea, choice number one would be it 😛
    erm, how can u cheat on xmas? eeish. if only santa were to catch xmas cheaters like u! haha. get me the big can lah, i’ll give u some ;P hugs.

  16. Dont want …!!! disgusting !! LoL
    I watched LOTR arleady .. Really Nice .. especially Arwen .. i love her so much 😛
    Legolas always act cool in LOTR 🙂 no wonder so many gals crazy about him 🙂 [Wookookoo: u do the same right ?? lOl ….]
    Becky.. will see you on saturday … or sundayz !

  17. daym girl. you’re like a mobile post-office. 😛 will linkie your new bloggie.
    i wonder if there’s a pic of theo in his elvish getup.. 🙂

  18. coooooookiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeessssss!! *nyums*!! I want!! Hubba hubba..i just bought 200gms of famous amos cookies yesterday! But they were all for wei lik. *sniffs* It`s been wayyy long since i`ve baked! 🙁 I miss it!

  19. wahhhh *rubs eyes*
    rudy, hahahahaa, i’ll take that as a compliment. hiaks 😛 thanks rudy and i cant wait to see theo’s pix as well. hiaaks 😛
    ivannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn. wah, so long. haha. sorry yea, havent inform much ppl cos this site is not ready yet. happy belated bday btw! 😛
    g.mama, and u know what? u were supposed to bake for my bday!! 🙁 *sniffles*
    shu yin, call me the moment you touch the grounds of holy malaysia. 😛 miss you!
    aijor fr0stie, dont potong stim. i havent watch 🙁
    daniel, tak ajak?! 🙁

  20. oh man!!! the cookies look deelicious…..
    btw, i oso wana watch LOTR 3….but u noe wat?? i haven even watch LOTR 2 yet….hUrhuR…. =pPp
    btw, it’s been a long time since i can get access to ur webby….was sumting wrong wif ur webby a couple of weeks ago??? o.O

  21. ok wat im gonna say sounds a lil mean, but e cookies look like poopy =x BUT!! its normally such cookies dat taste realllllly nice!! (coz e cookies i bake looks like tis as well *lol*)

  22. alence, my site was down for almost two months i think. new domain now 😛 lotr 3… here i come tonight! 😛
    oh well audz, haha, im a first timer! but yea, it tasted really good 😛 *bloats up* audz, i also want leh. help me find yea? or i’ll go singapore to find you and we go looking for possessive bf together.
    fr0stie, wait lah. busy lahhhhh 🙁 or u help me find a good taggy script ler 😛
    eh peeeps, come find me in pwtc’s pc fair okies? give me a ring first yea? 😀