pc fair

pc fair

ooo.. how do u like my x’mas turkey? oh whoops, wait, i meant my x’mas present, orlando bloom? (stop waking me up, thank you) lotr : return of the king was frigging good. im so impressed with everything. now, can i add another thing into my x’mas wishlist? can i have lotr vcds/dvds too? it’s something possible now, isnt it? 😛 oh, did u realise, pippins from lotr looks like hon faai in certain angles. i think yeeng agreed with me on that as well. 😛
as most of you would’ve known, i was working at the pc fair. ive bumped into some of you and that’s really nice! the sweetest thing (or at least, that’s what i feel) was, daniel and bernard came to look for me and since it was dinnertime, we had dinner together. it’s so nice meeting you guys especially since it was a suprise visit. too bad i didnt get to meet up with patsy the badsy who didnt even called me. 🙁 i bumped into jim yesterday (saturday) and we decided to go for dinner together. i feel so touched. *blehs*
am really tired and my new retail manager from the office where im doing freelance streamyx sales just offered me a job. sounds pretty good but i have to work 6 days a week so i told him nopes. im so damn picky, i’ll never get a job! hahaha. 😛 not forgetting fickle minded as well.
im pretty much confused with alot of things right now. mostly because ive been through so much and now some of my good buddies are going through it as well and it makes me think if i should ever ever risk putting myself back in the situation. i hate making decisions. i’d rather be stuffing myself with lotsa tau foo fahs (tau hueys) to death than to do so much thinking. im so in need of a kopi ais marathon at stevens. *hints* terence. oh yea, fr0stie is complaining so much about me not having a tagboard. so if you do happen to have a good tagboard script or something, do give it to me? see, frostie, im so nice! im doing it for your sake… 😛 and did you know lizzie baby’s back blogging? that’s the bestest bestest best (if there is such a thing) news ive heard all year long! hiaks. 😛
pretty much lost for things to say as im really tired. will be pretty busy this week, catching up with friends and all. so take cares, yea? be good this x’mas eve 😛 dont get too many kisses or well, other forms of physical activities. *grins* below is another quote for ian :
The shortest distance between two points is a straight line while the shortest distance between two hearts is love itself.

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  1. WOOOH!!! FIRST FIRST FIRST!! hahaha
    Kopi ais huh. Wat is that? stevens? huh? A name? what? i tak faham? hahahaha….
    U ajak more ppl la to come minum, 2 of us hard to pecah record sitting down, more ppl better. Got chicks even chunner… wooot 😛

  2. hahahahahahahahaaa.. U DAMN BAD! i need to collect ian’s stuffs from you lah. the stuffs he gave me. haha. ive been waiting for weeks and months edi!!! 😛
    yea lor. get daniel and bernard lah, the biggest fan of steven’s. hehehe. 😛 chicks? dont need lah. you can get gays there 😛

  3. Oh, would have met you at the PC Fair if not becoz I changed my mind of going there.. hehe… anyway, must be tiring there right?
    Oh ya… pls visit my site again & gimme ur comments…
    & btw.. Merry Xmas to you. 😀

  4. eh? wat stuffs? ian gave u something and why has it got to be with me? eh, gua tak faham la. heaheahae 😛
    yer, gays? wtf man. No gays pls. hehehe.

  5. wah u had dinner with us and then with jim again yesterday?btw nice meeting you too…shall meet u again in stevens or somewhere one day again..
    btw its been a while since I last went stevens ler..dan im not sure la.

  6. james, yes!!! very tiring. those ppl are mad!!! i’ll check ur site asap 🙂
    terence, the stuff he passed to u ler. 😛 gays are nice. i like 😛
    bernard, no lah. dinner with jim was on saturday night. hahaha. daniel? i think he goes there almost daily right? 😛

  7. gays are cuteeee!!! mwahahahhaha.. *drools*
    mwahahhahaha.. sigh. but dang!!! they’re GAYS. so.. it’s like.. see no touch. blah. -_-
    ANYWAYS.. thanksie for the “pluggie”! 😀

  8. I think its been a while since he last went there..me even longer..1 month plus liao.anyway he’s back to penang for christmas liao.
    ei let me know if u have found any good taggie scripts k?

  9. aiks so fast? i thought he’s going back on tuesday? haha.
    bernard, dont know ler. i havent been looking also. i saja telling frostie’s im looking. hiaaaks. try hotscripts.com ler. im going back pg this sunday. how about u wor?

  10. hotscripts don have…nvm la
    why so many ppl wanna go penang?got gold ar?too bad i just got back to kl from penang..so not going back or else gonna get screwed by my mum

  11. hahahaha aijor, i was from there, of course go back and meet old friends lah. i do that every year man. not like some people, u know i know enough. hahahaa 😛

  12. Ehem Ehem … talking about me right??? i just come back 3 months once only lah..
    becky .. only weekend i will go over steven;s coorner lah… if not .. i will be a nightmare .. cos i think that FULL MOOn lepak there everydayz ..

  13. eh..dun forget to call da Blur queen– Shu-Yin when u go penang..ask her to belanja you..where in penang will u be staying?

  14. Legolassssssssssssssssss *hubbaaaa hubbaaaaaaaaa* Sigh i havent got the change to watch ROTK yet. *pouts*
    I almost worked at the PC fair too!! But having exams so cant! Sigh! Seems like i miss out on lotsa things no thanks to my @#$@$$%$! exams. *manjas g.dottie* 🙁

  15. daniel, hahaha, when will u be back in kl? i hope to be back in kl by new year’s eve cos im throwing a dinner for ex schoolmates. bus tickets sure hard to get edi right?
    i dont think so the fullmoon boy that free lah, showing his ugly ass daily. haha. stevens sure lose customers 😛
    terence, it is? 😛 does it have history?
    ndru, friend’s place in air itam. shu yin? sure will call ler but then i dont have her pg num. 🙁
    lizzie, that was the TOUCH of love only special ppl can get 😛
    nyummies, yeaa! i like ianpoo’s! but dont know how to set it up. *HINTS*
    crissy wussy pussy, i think you’re off topic! 😛
    g.mama!!! LEGOLAS LEGOLAS! but then arh, the more i look at him, the more he looks like justin timberlake. EWWWWWWWW *turns off* haha g.mama, when are u NOT busy? if it’s not with wei lik, sure with college. *jealous* 🙁 *pouts* 🙁 good luck in exams though! muackss 😛

  16. beckylicious.. i just got back from lotr.
    you know what..
    I SLEPT! someone slap me!
    mwahhahaha.. i slept awhile here and there. =\
    eheheh. 😛
    damnla. LEGOLAS IS SOOO.. *_* his face is uber clean even after fighting. geee…

  17. SIGHS. HOW COULD YOU SLEEEP?!!! YOU LOUSY YOU! when i was watching it, i was super duper tired but i enjoyed the whole movie although im no lotr fan. HOW COULD YOU?! slap? that’s not enough. someone ought to RAPE you 😛 merry x’mas lizzie 😛

  18. hurrrrr.. i havent been sleeping for days because lizzie dont love me anymore. *runs back to the toad and zaps him into some kinda fantasy prince charming* 😛 now, im loved 😛

  19. daniel damn perasan lah..who’s talking bout him lah?
    becky,if u duno where to find good food in penang…can consult me anytime..heheh

  20. mwahahahah i was zapped into a fuckin TOAD?!?!? .. oiii .. TOAD weii!!
    ahahah but nvm la .. prince charming in military uniform spanking da virgin slaya .. woohoo!! this is ONZ!!

  21. hahaha bernard, biasalah. daniel so LENG CHAIS sure perasan abit here and there. bernard, i know where to get nice food but then now i quite lazy wanna go back pg edi. 😛
    hahahahahahaha…. shooot blanks, ur turning me on! dont! not on x’mas eve. wait i cant control ahs 😛

  22. HAHA OMGGGGGGG!! YOU KNOW WHAT? I think he does too!! And i told my friends that wayyyyyy back and they were like “No la where got!!” Haha. But he doesnt look like justin timberlake when he acts as legolas! Ummm…i love him in long hairrr..damn yau yeng! *slurpssss* Haha! Anyways…where got wor!!! Just 2 more days and its holiday time for meee! Yeah baybehhhhh let`s go partehhhhhhhh!!! *muacks* 😛

  23. HAHAAHA MUACKS. we must meet up yea, especially since evelyn is back. she was back erm last week but she flew straight to china to meet some pandas and pack some china men for me. haha. bestest best best x’mas present. you knowww ah g.mama, now that u think orlando has a little of justin in him, im so turned off. u can have him. i’ll strike him off my x’mas list. hahahaha. MUACKS!!! how was ur paper? good leh?!!! MY g.mama sure bolehs. muaccks. merry x’mas and a happy new year! 😛

  24. Haha yeah! When will she be back from china? I want a panda too! Dont worry! I wont fight for china men with you! Hahahah 😛 *muacks* What are you talking about? He was always mine.. Haha 😛
    I did ok i guess. i HOPE! A tad easier than i thought it was so…..its ok i suppose. Hehe. *muacks*

  25. hahahahahahahaaha ur being modest. of course u did well in ur exams! hiaaaks… china men no value meh? since u dont wanna rampas from me, no use lah. evelyn can keep them all.
    and ORLANDO was mine! i got him for x’mas 😛 hahahahaahhaa. u can keep justin timberlake lah though. 😛 and oh, orlando now too 😛