orgasmic trip

orgasmic trip

hehe. *chuckles* haha. *laughs* im so happy. my trip to pg was ORGASMic. no wait, make it a multiple ORGASMic trip! i have so much to say but i dont know how to describe what im feeling. let’s just say, very very very good? i dont think im going to do the report kinda entry like the earlier one. see, i dont even know what to say. let me erm, post up pix first? 😛 p/s : too lazy for captions still. check my gallery, as always.

okie, let’s do a fast recap. reached on sat night, went for dinner at pulau tikus market. you should’ve seen the grin on my face when i saw all the food there. if i had a tail, i would’ve wagged it hard, really and not forgetting, if i had a really long pink tongue, i would’ve licked my lips hard too. 😛 and yea, you should’ve seen how much i ate. i love food. i live to eat. food is life. i like i love i want food. more food. *keeps on chanting her new mantra* okie, im not that porky but i think i did put on alot of weight. who cares?! haha. looks like my daily one-hour-a-day routine of swimming has come to no use after all. next day, i was just out for more food hunting with kris and danny. omg, i think from my usual two meals a day at kl, ive doubled up the amount of meals i have in a day. there goes my dream of having a bootylicious bod. *sniffles*
i spent my second day shopping for shoes like nobody’s business because the vincci in out of all places, island plaza, has my size. mak oi, and i nearly bought three pairs but thank god my empty wallet reminded me of my financial state. but i happily went to the atm to withdraw more money and then continued the next day food shopping again. okay, so i am a little porky when im in penang. we did alms begging at 7:45am to a pair of monks, something kris’s dad do weekly. it was nice. i dont usually do this, especially not so early in this morning. and next, i got my marketing basket ready and went marketing at two diff morning markets. hehe. yes, again, i repeat, i can make a good housewife at times. 😛 went doing a little this and that and then, tah-dah, met up with fon fon jai aka kookabura and shu yin darlings at gurney plaza. saw a few college mates but i just did a nod and smile. fon taught me a new order at cb, ice blended mocha with double shot… and it doesnt exist! *kicks fon’s cute ass* scroll up and you can see his cute ass. 😛
everything just went on amazing. we clicked instantly. fon and shu yin are just so open and im glad they didnt get any culture shock. sweet old daniel then came along joining us on his bike all the way from bkt mertajam. he was supposed to be in his swimming trunks to suit fon’s taste but what a big disappointment, he didnt. we spent the rest of the afternoon at fon’s bro’s room having some mass orgy. haha. i wish! we all share the same sexual preferences you see, so it’s safe with this two darlings. too bad edwin couldn’t join us, or else, at least, there’ll be a straight man in the room. oh wait, he isnt so straight… *thinks about the edwin/darryl relationship some months back* sighs. where are all the straight men?! 🙁
aijor, this entry’s killing me. this is what happens when you get multiple orgasms. haha. just forgive me on the “multiple orgasms” bit because it’s just some secret joke i shared with my friends. something semiotic, i would say. i actually wanna be sarky in this entry but i thought, eh, dont. becky must be all sweet and erm, sugary until year 2004 comes. my new year resolution is to … stop being bitchy and sarky … again! and yea, i think this is the 3rd year im saying this. never works. gilmore girls are bad bad influence. 🙁 anyway, i went for dinner at pulau tikus with “the crazy orgasmic gang” and then we went back to gurney plaza for some karaoke-ing sessions. seriously, ive never done this with ppl ive just met for the first time (except daniel, of course) and i cant believe we sang like we knew one another for a very long period. it’s just cool how we could like bang one another and all with no hard feelings and stuff (or at least, that’s what i think). and uh, daniel’s really a hot stuff. his phone rings 24/7!
biggest disappointment : i didnt get to meet patsy. she was one of the main reasons why im down also because i didnt get to catch up with her when she was in kl. 🙁 but it’s all good. shu yin, fon and daniel were such good gay partners to me. hiaks. 😛 oh yea, my bus was delayed for an hour and a half. boo. but i was being entertained by some cowboy movie and then followed on by some classic cd of teresa teng. hur. 🙁
this entry is fcking long. 🙁 but but but .. i have so much more to say. about my “stalker”, a hongkee (hong kong-er) raised in melbourne who now lives in kl and about my erm… ok, i cant think of anything else atm. brain dead. im so tired. there’ll be a dinner gathering at my place tomorrow night and i guess, countdown will be that. i’ll be alcoholic free for once on a special nite. im so happy. or maybe, i could just open all those miniature bottles given to me by my aunt. *hiccups* today was a really busy day for me. my phone kept buzzing and ringing. mostly from streamyx clients. aijor, cant i have a vacation in peace?! i dont know what’s with all the special attention im getting from my clients. im just too lazy to work but oh well, *looks at her atm resit*. ah, it’s empty. 🙁 anyone care to refill for me, please? *carries her milo tin around ala those scouts days at komtar* okie, too draggy for an entry. nobody’s gonna read this. haha. *crosses her fingers* nites people. merry new year and may you get married before cny. `o)
p/s : may the good lord bless anita mui’s soul. she just died of cancer. 🙁 and oh, kris’s family makes the bestest host. i feel so pai seh about everything but i didnt know what to do. thanks kris. love you!

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  1. OMG.. i’m first.. hehee
    w0ooootz, glad that ur trip to penang gave u so much orgasm.. hhaah. dont think u’ll ever get that much back here in kl? 😛
    hurrrrrrrrrr, wonder if island plaza has my shoes sizes too. hard to get big size back here in kl ler… cibek betui .. hehe woops 😛
    eh eh, one day gua pun mau pergi penang. never been there b4 sia. we go there and pork out.. huahaua

  2. haha size 13?!! no lah. theirs max also size 10. lucky lucky me. multiple orgasms? haha. can wan, if i find the right ppl 😛 macam abang hor? 😛
    hahaha. yea. we will. penang rocks. i love penang men. i like. i love. i want 😛

  3. becky dearz….muaks! i had so much fun wiv u guys! karaoke was fantastic…except for when the bill came!kekeke!
    muaks…hope to see u in KL soon!:)

  4. fr0stie… why ah? 😛
    daniel, so leng jais 😛 all the kookaburas will wait for you. 😛
    shari, happppy new year to u too! muaccccks. 😛
    shu yin, yealor. the bill abit the potong stim but it’s worth it. i get to see fon fon chai and daniel sing. muahahahahaha. 😛
    ndru, yeaaaa. pg food rocks!!! 😛

  5. karin nyummies, no you dont. 😛
    james, same to you! 😛
    bernard, happy new year to you too!!! 😛
    max, i love you tooo babes! happpy new year!!! 😛