mt vs gm

mt vs gm

oh jesus, movabletype is so not playable. at least, not for me. i dare not play around with the codings because i fear i’ll screw things up. gm is so much more user friendlier in my opinion. oh yea, the famous question most has asked me on why am i using a premade template and not some “funky layout” like im used to having. well, im new with mt so it takes time for me to adjust myself. i could’ve simply designed some “funky layout” but there’s no point isnt it as i wouldnt know how to put it into my mt. also, ive pretty much lost my interest in designing and more to writing. just wrote my first mandarin song with eve’s help in translating, two english songs and am currently writing a book. no, nothing for the public, but for my own collection.
no purpose in writing this entry actually. i just didnt want my first entry to get lonely, so here comes a second. oh wait, i wrote this entry to tell you guys not to expect any out-of-the-extraordinary layouts because i think im sticking to this premade template for a while. my purpose is only to have a site where i can write stuffs and have people to read it during coffee breaks. you could always print it and read em when you’re doing your business in the loo, though, but i wouldn’t really recommend you to do that. and to those who have found out this url by coincidence and if you’re wondering why i havent told you about this new url, dont get pissed. i just didnt wanna announce this new url because it’s so plain and it’s so not me to have something so plain. i thought maybe once i get this place renovated then only i’ll spread the news around. really, no hard feelings. will be heading back to malacca for my granny’s birthday dinner. okies, im off to feed the ducks (dont ask me what ducks!). niteys!

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  1. yo gal! where’s ur tag? and why use movabletype? i miss ur funky designs la! change change change! hehe! *hugz*

  2. hey girl. maybe u didn’t want me to see the site yet but i found it on my referrer’s list. lol. mt seems a little weird at first, but i love it now. it’ll take some getting use to. 🙂 they do offer some free templates on the site, though. happy holidays!

  3. jollywee! so many comments! 😛
    pat, sniffles. okies, i’ll answer them now. 😀 my tag’s script is yet to be found, and im using mt because it’s so much easier to use, according to some. so that’s why im trying to play around with it.
    aj, hahaha, i’ll try to play around. been really busy lately. i do hope i come up with something better than a white blank page. hehe. *hugs*
    ian!!!!! yea man. tell me about it. your new layout’s finally out?! whooper. i’ll check it out … NOW!!! btw, havent got the stuffs from terence. 🙁

  4. wahliewwwww… tickle tickle can write song?? somemore in mandarin… wah, must listen ler, can or not? 😛 anyway, keep up the good work… always here for u, if u ever need any help ^_^

  5. i clever mah… i surf here surf there, click here click there… then kanasai, suddenly there was this url tat attracted my panda eyes… then after tat, i was here liau… hmmm 😛

  6. …actually i dun really remember lar, but it shud be either in aly or fuzzy’s site quaaa… anyway, once ur site is up with new layout and everything ready… let me know, i link u up with my site ya 😛

  7. i din said fuzzy or aly links u lar, there was never a link… if i can still recall, i saw ur nick in one of their shoutbox and so i kinda try my luck typing out in my browser lar… eee… ya, i think that was how i came about ur site… ^_^