getting back in shape

getting back in shape

tragic tragic. i just made my dad call nasioncom regarding my broadband service and guess what? they’ve decided to put my block’s (and only my block’s) connection on hold. wtf?! all the other blocks has gotten it, and the nearby condominiums are getting streamyx . i dont know wtf do they need to privatise my condo’s telephone lines and now, i cant get broadband till god knows when. im truly heartbroken. 🙁
but oh, mr. shoot blanks has offered to let me use his streamyx connection and the package comes along with him! he’s all mine to do as i please. tempting tempting though im more interested in the streamyx connection. kidding, kevin! no worries, i still love you! 😛 it’s pathetic isnt it? here i am, working as a freelance sales agent for streamyx and i cant seem to use it.
anyway, just got back from swimming after a 13 months break. quite a long period eh? my head’s feeling really heavy now and this shows that im lack of exercise, i suppose. need to get back in shape badly for my cousin’s wedding in penang this coming february. as most of you would’ve known, i was badly sick almost two months back and my weight loss was enough to put marie france to shame because i couldnt almost eat (and i had to depend on liquid food)! after i recovered (not fully but im not gonna go into that), i started porking out especially with all the holidays that im getting (heavens, im on a four months break!). so yea, get back in shape. *concentrates*
anyway, on a job hunt. i got offered a couple of jobs and i decided to skip em all because calvin gave me a great offer. it’s at the sunway extremepark as an admin girl but ive got to do pr, deal with the media, kids, VIPs and all those crap. sounds pretty interesting and the pay’s incredibly amazing (for a kid like me, that is). also, it’s pretty related to what im studying. the only thing is, he hasnt confirmed it with me because his partner’s gone somewhere. i really hope it’s for real. 🙁 any of you out there has got a job to intro? *hiaks*
cris yesterday sms-ed me stating that he saw a “chun” chiq who looked like me. and when i was speaking to him earlier this morning, it seems he saw the girl at dharoos! omg. this is the second time someone has seen a chiq who looks like me in dharoos. a friend once saw a chiq who apparently looks like me in dharoos as well but it was weird because “i” acted like i didnt know who he was so he went up to the chiq and kept talking to his friend, “becky this. becky that” to see what was the chiq’s reaction. after trying a few times, he gave up and realise, it wasnt me. haha. WHO IS THAT CHIQ?! i ought to go dharoos to check my “twin” out. daniel and a few others have also told me that i look like this chiq, that chiq and yada yada. is my face that common? yikes! i ought to get a plastic surgery! but erm, the chiq daniel showed me the pix didnt look a bit like me … at all! i do know someone who most of my old readers claim to look like me… my beloved twin sister, AJ* ! i didnt actually realise until a few pix was compared. hiaks 😛
anyhow, again, this is a premade layout. ive designed a few but it didnt feel right. ive pretty much lost my inspiration in designing. sniffles. writing! i love writing. that’s my new love. anyone here has any freelance job on that? i know i cant blog for fcks but hey, i think im doing pretty okie with songwriting (esp corny ones!) and copywriting. oh speaking of songs, i was awaken rudely by my phone and i couldnt get back to sleep eventhough my head was feeling rather heavy (i slept at 7.30am!) but when i switched on my tv, josh groban was on it. his songs are orgasmic. oh dear, how i love his voice! *drools* alrights, this is a rather long entry. im done, really! oh wait wait, oh yea, once again, if you’ve found out of this site by accident, no hard feelings because i wanted to get everything done with all the funky layouts and stuffs loaded here first because i shout out to the world. so really, i do intend to tell everyone. only thing is, i wasn’t ready. okies, now im really done. take cares all. off to drive around the neighbourhood. the end. oh wait, can i end with a quote? stole it from song jun’s but i cant get the exact quote. so here it is… last from me, really!
-what would you do if the one who stops you from crying makes you cry?-

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30 Responses

  1. i dislike the generic movabletype layout! 🙁
    bring back your funky designs! it’s not dificult to implement this into your old designs like before! 😡
    but then again, it’s good to see you blogging again! 🙂

  2. shoot blanks ere .. shoot blanks there .. eheh dun la advertise .. shy lahs .. ha ha .. later everyone also want ur “special package”

  3. di0n, muacks! i hate this template too. it’s so not me but like ive told you, i dont know tables and mt usually uses tables 🙁 i need to wait for broadband before being able to come online for hours and read up on stuffs 🙁 ive designed a few but i just dont know how to put it in 🙁
    daniel, not at all! not even a single bit!!! the only thing we have in similar is our skin color! hahahaha 😀
    shoot blanks!! hahaha. it’s not my package, it’s urs!! 😛 and erm, u cant offer it to ppl until i say you can!! muahahahahahaa. *smiles*

  4. hahaa… cool to find more ppl who looks like u. after all they say there r seven(?) ppl in this world who’ll look alike. glad u finally got this place into nicer shape =P and also hope u’ll get ur streamyx back soon. p/s: i think is perfect choice for ur domain name (responding to a previous post) 😉

  5. james! thanks alot!!! 😛
    seyin, it’s cool in a way but kinda freaky 🙁 and, im not using streamyx. hehe. im just selling them 😛 also, thanks! i thought was the next best as i couldnt get nor 😛
    daniel!!! hahaha did u mention about me having the same encounter? 😛
    wah g.mama, why dont u do some charity and design one for me? hahahaa muacks. tagboard? still looking for the right script 🙁

  6. omg daniel, ur such a darling! you’re so leng jai, you’re so macho, you’re so sweet, you’re so adorable, you’re so lovable … and i can go on and on and on 😛

  7. daniel, you dont so kiam siap lah, go steven’s 3 times a day also cannot belanja yum cha. issh.
    shirley!!!!!!!! sorry ler. not ready 🙁 erm, i hope i’ll be doing a layout soon. 🙁 this premade layout is suckky!

  8. i dont know bout greymatter much, but i`ve always been with movabletype.Its quite friendly what?i meant imagine a dumbo like me could quite use it .. well not really good in it, but i guess rather able to change a lil of the layout!i wonder how greymatter looks like too then 😛 why not switch back to greymatter?Afterall, u just started movabletype in your new domain only?Last but not least, Congratulations upon your new domain!

  9. hon faai, wow wow, im impressed with ur comments. greymatter was what i used in my old site and it’s what jolyne is using now. it’s more user friendly but i guess it’s because mt has better features, that’s why im sticking to it. besides, di0n worked so hard on installing it for me so i dont wanna change edi. 😛
    shoot blanks… ooooo… i’ll be waiting 😛
    sehuat, hahahaa yeaaa baby. i am back!!! 😀 happy leh?

  10. when i searched mt for a premade template, i also chose this same one you are using…except i changed it up a little. sometimes i lose interest in layouts also. it’s never ending.

  11. tell me about it aj! it’s such a headache 🙁
    hahahaahhaa di0nnnnn muh dried prune, see how much we both missed you! 🙁 i hope he’s done with his exams. 🙁 🙁 🙁 g.mama, i want dried prune too 🙁